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  1. Hello all! I am applying to Riverside in Newport News in a few weeks, and I was wondering if anyone else on here is doing the same or have done so? I am even interested in hearing from those that are in the program or have graduated. Does anyone know how competitive it actually is? I was told that 32 spots will be filled and I do not know how many normally apply. My gpa is not as strong as I would like it to be, but I am taking the TEAS V on April 24th and I am hoping to get a high score. If you are applying, what is your gpa and test score? If you are in the program already, what was your gpa and test score and do you love the program. This is my first choice program and I really really want to get in. Any information any of you could give me would be helpful and appreciated! Thank you!
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  3. by   kelzfuturenurse
    Hey there! This school is actually the only school I am applying to. I am still taking A&P II so I will be a little closer to the deadline to turn in my application packet. As of right now, my pre-req gpa is a 4.0 and I have an A in A&P II but I still have micro and developmental psych to take this summer. I hope to score high on the TEASV as well because I know there will be other applicants who have completed all the pre-reqs. I have a friend that just graduated from there this past December and she is an ER nurse at Riverside now! She loved the program. I am unsure of her gpa but I did ask her what her TEAS score was and she couldn't remember. She did say, "I passed! (lol) I borrowed the book from someone,looked over it a couple of nights in a row and took it and passed." Good luck with the TEAS and keep me posted on how everything goes for you. I hope we are classmates in the Fall.
  4. by   hgt219
    Oh gosh! I am sure you will get in! My gpa is only a 3.0 with just the prereqs and I only need to take medical terminology still. This is why I am hoping to do great on the TEAS. I am glad that we get to write an essay, have references, and have an interview so it's not just based on gpa and test scores. I know God has called me to nursing and he will open doors for me, I am just praying now is the time. I really hope I get in! Best of luck to you and hopefully we will be future class mates. I would love to get to know you!
  5. by   kelzfuturenurse
    I can relate, to nursing being a calling. I actually was a pre-nursing major at the first university I attended but I was 17 when I started college and was not ready for a nursing program. I ended up switching my major to criminal justice but had to move back home before finishing up my BS. I have been a dental assistant for 4 yrs now and enjoy what I do but nursing is still my future. Now almost 10 years later,I hope and pray it is my time as well! I am a single mom to a 10 month old and while he is young and I have a great support system, I figured I could tackle school before he starts school. I so did not mean to ramble...I'm just so excited to FINALLY chat with someone interested in the same school! As you said earlier, there are more factors that come into play besides gpa and test scores. I read through old posts (a couple/few of years old) a few months ago about people waiting to hear if they were accepted into the professional nursing program. Some applicants got in with TEAS scores under 70. I didn't see many list their gpa but one girl that was accepted had a 3.1 and another a 3.0. Just continue to review for the test and trust in the Lord!
  6. by   HeatherMax
    I love that school! We are very lucky in this area to have as many choices as we do. I only have one Pre-Requisite done, so I have a long way to go before I can apply for any RN/BSN program, but I am applying for the LPN program. Take advantage of the shadowing program if you havent already, it is awesome! (you have to pay $15 and take a test at the school)
  7. by   hgt219
    Good luck to you Heather! I've never heard of the shadowing program or seen info about it. Could you tell me more?

    Thank you for being so encouraging! I've seen the posts about the people getting in with lower gpa's and I wonder if it was because it was a while ago or if not that many people actually know about riverside or they aren't interested because its a diploma program. My Aunt went there and I know it's a great school. Ahhhh I just can't wait to put in my application and get a letter in the mail! Haha
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    Thank you!
  10. by   kelzfuturenurse
    I think I will try to participate in the shadow program as well. I read a little about it on their website. I'm glad to hear you had such a positive experience with it Heather!

    Hgt, I think with Riverside's program, it is a mix of people not knowing about the program along with those that don't want to go through a diploma program.
  11. by   hgt219
    I really hope that's the reason and that not a lot of people apply! I really want to go here
  12. by   hgt219
    Kelzfuturenurse...when are you taking the TEAS V?
  13. by   kelzfuturenurse
    I have no clue! I'll be done with A&P 2 in a couple weeks so I'll complete and turn in my application packet. So I'm assuming it will probably be mid May by the time I take the TEAS V.
  14. by   hgt219
    Ahhh ok! I take mine this upcoming Wednesday (the 24th)! I will submit my application after that. Good luck to you!