No. VA RN Salaries

  1. Does anyone have any info on starting salaries for new grad RN's in the DC Metro, No. VA area?

    I was thinking about the Potomac Hosopital.
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  3. by   rmc2
    The average is $24-$25 for new graduates, with the highest rates in the Washington DC area.
    I don't know about Potomac Hospital.
  4. by   krenee
    Around $40K, I think. No, I don't know for 100% certain, and I don't remember where I got that number, but that's where I'm planning to work and I have looked into it before. It's in that ballpark.

  5. by   ccld
    I am in Winchester VA and starting salaries around here (Valley Health Systems) is around $22-$26 for new grads depending on the specialty you go into. Also, I work for Valley Health and they are a great hospital network who really cares about their employees health and welfare - as well as their patients.
  6. by   nursing804
    I just searched earlier and it showed the 25th percentile ( i always plan to get the lowest so i am not disappointed) was around 52 k, i believe, google
    40 sounds way too low-----
  7. by   rnin02
    I think new grads at INOVA Loudoun are making $22/hr. I think! Its been about 5 years since I started, and we weren't INOVA yet, and I got $18/hr, but was able to get a couple of "steps" pretty quickly. But they don't do "steps" anymore.
  8. by   AgentR
    Inova starts all new grads at $24/hour. Night and weekend shift differentials bump you up, though.
  9. by   PEDSVA
    INOVA Fairfax $26-$27 with 5 years experience.
  10. by   Emmjay
    Inova for new grads is 24 per hour. You can earn up to 8 more an hour with the differential. Weekend nights being the most.
    DC pays a little bit higher I believe.