Moving to Ft Belvoir area

  1. Hello All!

    I think I will be moving to the Ft Belvoir area when DH gets back from Korea. I am looking for information regarding hospitals, pay, areas to live in, (good schools for the kids). Any info would be much appreciated!


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  3. by   USMCWife07
    Hi Sara -
    I can't really answer any of your questions because I'm new here as well and haven't even started nursing school, but just wanted to say welcome when you do get here! My DH is in the USMC and we just moved here in May - we live in NOVA, very close to Ft. Belvoir. Good luck!
  4. by   mer_RN
    I reccomend working at Inova Fairfax Hospital and living in the West Springfield area. trust me you don't want to live anywhere near Belvoir, lorton or Woodbridge. West Springfield is a decent commute to the base and to the hospital (20 minutes). get in the west springfield high or lake braddock school district (not hayfield or lee) and stay away from north springfield! you basically want to live right around the rolling rd/old keen mill intersection. look into orange hunt or cardinal forest neighborhoods. if you are trying to buy an avergae house expect to pay at least $400,000-500,000.
    when i left the hospital i was making $28 with 4 years experience and they have great shift diff there. $8 more per hour for night weekends!
    good luck!
  5. by   krenee
    Fairfax County is VERY expensive. Prince William County is not all bad (re the Woodbridge comment). There are bad areas and very nice areas to live within Prince William County. The commute to Ft. Belvoir isn't bad from Prince William County and it's much more affordable. This is coming from someone's who's lived in PWC my entire life and currently lives in a nice area with very good schools.

    I'm just a nursing student though, so I really can't help with the hospitals question though. INOVA has a very good reputation and there are many INOVA hospitals scattered throughout Northern Virginia.

  6. by   futurern123
    I have to disagree about the Lorton area, it's ok! Newington Forest is a nice area to live in, it's right by the new high school (South County). Everyone seems to put Hayfield down, it wasn't the greatest high school, but it wasn't horrible! I would however, avoid Mount Vernon High school.
  7. by   pillhill
    Ft. Belvoir is home of Defense Logistic Agency and others. The infrastructure of the base is old, but the base is immaculately kept. DeWitt Army Hosp. is at Belvoir. There is base housing, and I was out there 1 month ago, and looks like they are breaking ground for more housing possibly. The Rt 1 co-oridor to Belvoir used to have alot of no-tell motels. The area there is called Hybla Valley I believe. BRAC was supposed to move 22,000 people to Belvoir, but as of last week, it was cut to approx.10,000 going to the Proving Grounds part of Belvoir. FFX county is expensive. Does your husband qualify for base housing? Avg nursing salary with 20-25 YEARS is approx. 37.00 p/h. However, there is always OT. The Inova health system runs Fairfax, Fair Oaks, and Alexandria hospital. Generally speaking, as there is no union in Virginia, be prepared for 'short' staffing.

    Good Luck
  8. by   Pixie.RN
    Inova also runs Loudoun and Mount Vernon hospitals as well. The full list of Inova hospitals is here: