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  1. ArmyWife,RN

    GR Health in Augusta

    Anybody at GR Health in Augusta? I have a pending job offer and have some questions.
  2. ArmyWife,RN

    I feel like crying (LONG)

    Hi All! I'm new here and to nursing (obviously, I'm posting here :) ) and I am looking for some support. I work in a small (12 bed) ICU. I have been off orientation for a few weeks now and I still don't feel like I'm "getting it". Yesterday, it was me and another nurse (experienced) with 4 pts - all of them "IMC" status. At one point the more experienced RN looked at me and said "I have to go up to Med-Tele to start and IV" and left. So, I was alone with four patients for around 15 - 20 minutes (it seemed like hours). As soon as she was gone, ER called with an admission so I had to assign the room (pick a room, any room). Also, one of her pts called (he doesn't like the call light, so he just yelled) for his pain med (he's a frequent flyer and watches the clock for it). After she got back, I was trying to get myself together to do my 2000 assessments on my two pts (still hadn't opened my notes yet) and she tells me "ER is calling to give report on that admission, you need to take it" (huh! can't you see I'm flopping around like a fish on the deck already?) So I get report from ER LVN (who happens to be a friend of mine) and ask her to give me 20 minutes. I then hurry through the assessments and give one pt meds (he threw 1/2 of his potassium chloride pill at me but he's a sundowner and there was no reasoning with him) but before I can give the other pt his meds, the admit comes in. I haven't had time to set up the room, so I'm completely unprepared for him. I get him settled in the room with the help of the other RN take the 1st set of vitals and leave him to give the meds to the other pt. I get back to the new pt and find out he is deafer than a post so I'm yelling at him to get his health hx info from him while the other RN is putting the orders into the system for me. (Thought she was being nice, found out later that she "had to do it" because she was the charge RN.) So, now I'm behind even more and the next shift RN comes on. I told her I could give her report, but I would need to finish the charts before she could have them. Now, I know all that sounds like a typical evening, but here's the part where I don't feel like I'm getting it. In the ER, they started 2 grams Rochephin on my new admit pt and the doc wrote for him to then have 1 gram qd IVPB and 750mg Levaquin qd IVPB daily. When I give report to the oncoming RN, I said, we could probably time the Levaquin for the AM after the pharmacy opened (we don't have a pixus on our unit) since he just had the Rochephin. I'm thinking that in order to make the oncoming shift easier this is a good thing - otherwise, she has to go to ER and get the Levaquin from their pixus which means time off the floor and finding someone in ER to get into the pixus for her. I'm then informed that "he needs it now". Why? This is the part that I don't get. Really, if anybody has an answer, let me know. So, this is how my shifts go. I don't feel smart enough, good enough, or fast enough and at this point I don't think I'm ever going to. Thanks for letting me vent. ArmyWife,RN
  3. ArmyWife,RN

    trying to decide what nursing field to go into

    MaeMae, As a recent graduate, I feel I can offer some advice to you. I agree with the poster who said to elave your mind open. When I started nursing school, I thought I wanted to go to L&D. After my 1st year, I just couldn't wait to do my OB semester in the Spring of my 2nd year because I was still convinced that is where I wanted to be. After my OB semester, I applied to the ICU (and got hired). It isn't that I didn't like L&D or OB (I really liked post-partum more than L&D), I found that I liked ICU better. So, again, keep your mind open. Good Luck to you! ArmyWife,RN