Looking to go to school in Virginia - Already have a weak GPA B.S. -Need help!!!

  1. Hello!

    Graduating up in Boston in two weeks with a BS in philosophy and minor in radiation therapy. The radiation therapy program was the only medical program at my school and figured it would be relevant to my nursing career and classes. I was mistaken. Will be graduating with about a 2.6/7 gpa. By no means am i happy with this but my school is too expensive to take any extra classes to bring it up. I have volunteering/hospital experience. Really looking to moving to Virginia to go to nursing school. The University of Virginia transfer program seemed really good but then read that if you already hold a degree you can't go that route. . Have sufficient grades in Biology,Chemistry, Statistics, Psychology, Sociology, and taking A&P over again in the summer (Got a c, and for the lab a c-).

    What do you suggest I do allnurses? So for I'm set on a goal moving to Virginia/Dc area and plan on retaking and finishing up my prereqs to beef up my application. Don't want to be in school for another four years going to ASN to RN-BSN route.

    Any specific programs you would recommed for my situation?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!!!
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  3. by   tessa45
    If you are in the northern Va area there is George Mason University. However, I hear it is hard to get into their nursing program and your GPA is definitely a huge factor. There is Shennandoah University in Winchester. They do have a 5 semester program if you have your bachelor's to get a BSN. Also, you can still go the route of getting your RN and doing the RN-BSN online afterwards. There is no difference in pay when you start out. I don't know of other schools in northern VA. Good luck in your pursuits and I hope you find a program that works for you. Hopefully others who are more familiar with that area can offer some good advice. You will find the right program I am sure!
  4. by   Flames9_RN
    NVCC has an ADN program. 15 days and I will have completed it,lol Located in Springfield VA. Not that far out of DC http://www.nvcc.edu/
  5. by   sunray12
    I believe it's possible to graduate from Nova (ASN) in 4 consecutive semesters and there are many RN to BSN programs that are doable in a year (i.e. 2-3 semesters) if you go ft. So that is about 2.5 years for a BSN rather than 4 years.
  6. by   Flames9_RN
    Not to confuse the op, Nova and NVCC are the same school!!
  7. by   Ella08
    Marymount University is in Arlington, VA, only a few miles from DC and has a second degree accelerated BSN program. It's a private university, but I believe they have a good nursing program. I graduate in 19 days!
  8. by   Ella08
    I am responding to a private message I got from this thread. I won't post the user name just in case they didn't want it posted. I guess I can't respond to PM's since I don't have enough posts...anyways, I hope you see this!

    As far as I know now, Marymount has had a drop in applications mainly because the economy. MU is a private school with tuition close to $22,000 a year, but the AccBSN program is only two years. Also, from what I can see on the website, the program doesn't evaluate GPA, the only thing they do is require you to take the TEAS test prior to admission if your GPA is currently less than 2.8.

    As far as the nursing program itself, well it had its good and bad. The good: The program is small. My graduating class is 60 (I think) and the professors all know who you are and what you do (also can be counted as bad). The school of nursing also requires you to take a comp ATI exam before graduation. I feel very prepared to pass the NCLEX, and that is what matters. The bad: Well, MU is small, private and catholic, so we are not as well known. I feel sometimes that we are passed up for clinical spots and locations more than the well known schools around here such as Mason or GW.

    If you have any questions about the program, just call! Everyone in the health professions office is very helpful. Good luck!
  9. by   listentofindout
    Thank you all very much for your replies !

    Ella will definitely be contacting Marymount tomorrow and figure everything out. Although the TEAS test might not work to my advantage, I'm hoping the drop in applicants will!
  10. by   Ella08
    The TEAS isn't really so bad. It's a basic "what do you know" type thing. If you already have an undergrad degree you will be fine. I had to take it because I didn't have a degree already, I was a transfer from our local community college...Northern VA community College...which also has a well known ASN program. I hope you find a school that fits your needs! Good luck!

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