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hi guys i am from philly pa. i have a quick question i am divorced and rasing two little girls, however i am determined to become a nurse..a friend told me about southside regional medical center -... Read More

  1. by   dolphinbeauty09
    I attend SRMC in their traditional program. They have not reopened the online program yet and are not sure when (if) they are going to. In my opinion, nursing school is not something that should be done online if you can help it. I've taken many classes online and forget most of it. Being in a classroom and working with others really is better in a field like this (just my opinion). Its a great school and the 2010 graduates got a 100% N-CLEX pass rate!
  2. by   Myrick804
    I agree with u. I dont think u can really learn and have the hands on experience online. Some courses u can take online but becoming a nurse in my opinion isnt one one them.