Have you taken online A/P at NVCC in Virginia?

  1. Just curious if anyone has successfully completed BIO 141 or 142 ONLINE at NVCC (Northern VA Community College).

    I live in Charlottesville, VA and our local community college (PVCC) is only offering one section of Bio 141 (A/P I) this summer and it was full before I was even eligible for registering.

    I'd love to know how NVCC's online Bio 141/AP course works. Is there any need to travel to NoVA to take tests? How do they administer tests?

    How did you do in the class--do you feel you learned the material well enough taking it online rather than in a classroom setting?

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  3. by   Cilantrophobe
    Are you going to be coming up here for the summer or were you hoping to take the entire thing online? I know our school requires that you come to the campus for lab assignments, for classes that have a lab portion. You would most likely have to come to the school for the tests as well. I am pretty sure there are people in the Virginia Forum who have taken one of the classes you mentioned online...

    What I would recommend is emailing one of the instructors. They might be willing to work with you if you plan to stay down there over the summer.

    Good luck!
  4. by   jhancock01
    Yep, I work and was planning to stay in C'ville. Thankfully i have a sister up there in Ashburn, should I need to go up and take tests. In the course description there was nothing about having to travel....and I'd been told that NoVA had online A/P courses and no one has mentioned having to travel, but wanted to be proactive and not surprised later. contacting professors is a good idea...wondering if I can find those email addresses online via their site.

    Thanks for the thoughts.
  5. by   Cilantrophobe
    The instructors emails are first letter of first name+last name@nvcc.edu Just find a teacher with an open section and shoot them an email.
  6. by   Career1
    I am in Bio 141 and about to take my last exam! You can take Bio 141 all onilne except you must take the exams at a campus. I think that if you are out of the area you may take the exam at a campus near you. As long as you contact the school and let them know. Also I feel that I learned what I needed to taking the class online. They have a study guide that helps prepare for the exams.
  7. by   fsv1024
    Hi there!

    I took A& P at NVCC via distance learning. Its structured so that you can complete all of the quizzes online at your own leasure and all of the assignments are the same way. However, the exams (there are a few) must be proctored. So you can certainly take it from a different state and you dont have to go into the NVCC campus as someone else mentioned. However, in order to do this you must fill out a form, find someone willing to proctor the exam for you (must be a professor at a nearby college, librarian etc) and then you're set. I had to do this because I took it during the summer from NJ. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!
  8. by   MandaTaye
    I am currently in the process of taking A & P I at NVCC and so far I love it. It has virtual cadaver dissection that you do via software. To me, this makes more sense than dissecting cats. I mean, how many cats have you seen come into the ER recently? :chuckle I made an A on my first test. If you truly put the time into studying you should do well with this course. There are many open slots so I'm not worried about being able to get into A & P II when I'm ready. I am out of state and had to find a proctor. This was not really a big deal at all and the approval of my proctor only took a day. I'm really glad I chose to take this course at NVCC. If you're disciplined & focused you can do it!!!
  9. by   jhancock01
    I was the one to originally post this question... figured I'd come back with an update.

    I took both A&P I and II online with NVCC in Virginia. First semester was during the summer (choice to complete in 8 or 12 weeks). I just completed the A&P II this fall (choice to complete in 8, 12 or 16 weeks) and I received A's in BOTH A&P courses. Yay!

    It was tough but I can't imagine trying to fit in attending lecture and lab and finding time to study plus working full-time. I am sooo glad that I took the online version. But be prepared to spend 15-20+ hours a week for this one class--if you want to get an A...unless you've got a photographic memory.

    I totally concur with MandaTaye's sentiments... my feelings exactly. I used our local community college (PVCC which is part of VCCS) and the testing center was my "proctor" and it worked out great and didn't cost me a thing.

    I am now signed up to take Developmental Psych online, as well as Microbiology at PVCC via a hybrid course (lecture portion online, lab 4 Saturdays during Spring semester--for 8 hours each).

    I was totally psyched to get A's and to discover that the online format worked well for me--that's why I'm going to try Microbiology and Dev. Psych online too this coming Spring semester (and still working full-time). I might decide to drop Dev. Psych if the work load is too much while working. Since I'm applying in February to start nursing school fall of 2010... it doesn't matter really if I take both in the spring or not...b/c they can't factor these classes into my "weighted" application since I haven't completed them and earned a grade. oh well. I do what I can do and not worry about what I can't.

    I'd recommend the online A&P for students that aren't prone to procrastination and who are happy working independently.
  10. by   cheertt2
    Hi there. I also attend NVCC for nursing pre-reqs. Because you were able to do AP online, I think you would be fine taking Developmental Psy and Micro together. I took Developmental Psy online and Statistics in class this past semester, and I did well. Developmental was not that hard and again if you are not a procrastinator, you can do it. If you PM me, I can tell you which professor I took online. I am so excited about the spring semester. I am taking API (lecture and lab on campus) and Biomedical ethics online. I hope I get A's too.
  11. by   jhancock01

    I am taking my Microbiology hybrid at PVCC here in Ch'ville and taking Dev Psych (230) online with Blue Ridge CC (in Shenandoah Valley). So I'm divided between two schools for online work b/c no school provided both. NVCC didn't offer what I wanted online (or the right course number)...so b/c I really wanted to do it online-- I had to get it where I could. Thankfully VCCS makes that possible with the network of schools.
  12. by   healthlove
    I will be taking BIO 141 in the Spring '10 semester as well. I was wondering if anyone is selling their A&P books or know where I can buy decent priced used books for that class?

    Thanks in advance!
  13. by   jhancock01
    If you are taking BIO 141 through NVCC...definitely check the NVCC bookstores (find out which campus the ELI courses are linked to--maybe Annandale?) to find out exactly what books you need--and then search Amazon for those ISBN numbers.

    I vaguely remember that I bought the actual Textbook via Amazon for a much better price than what was sold in our book store. Often you can get a used copy that someone never even opened (they dropped class). I bought a new book simply b/c I knew I'd keep it for a long while (since I'm just starting nursing). But I know that I paid LESS THAN the new price on the NVCC bookstore site.

    Also DEFINITELY buy the Study Guide that NVCC recommends. It is the ONLY way you'll survive the class. CRITICAL! Doubtful many used copies are available. I was glad to have a new copy.

    You will want the chemistry book they recommend. I'm keeping mine for future reference.

    The Lab workbook/CDs are interesting, but not anything you'll be graded on and not used for tests...so if you can get used copy--do that.

    I never bought the wall chart.

    Hope this is helpful.
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  14. by   Flames9_RN
    I graduated form NVVC's nursing program This past Spring. To save $$$, buy your books elsewhere than at the campus bookstore. I bought most of mine from half.com. NVCC used to make it tricky to do that though, as they used (not sure if they still do) assign their own ISBN #! So to search other book stores (borders, ebay, amazon, half.com) one had to goto the campus book store and look inside the front cover for the "real" ISBN #.