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Just curious if anyone has successfully completed BIO 141 or 142 ONLINE at NVCC (Northern VA Community College). I live in Charlottesville, VA and our local community college (PVCC) is only... Read More

  1. by   HM2VikingRN
  2. by   laurag_dc
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    I am in Bio 141 and about to take my last exam! You can take Bio 141 all onilne except you must take the exams at a campus. I think that if you are out of the area you may take the exam at a campus near you. As long as you contact the school and let them know. Also I feel that I learned what I needed to taking the class online. They have a study guide that helps prepare for the exams.
    I took BIO 141 last semester and currently in BIO142 - all online. Exams need to be taken at a NVCC campus in most cases. We do have a few students that are not local and they make arrangements to go elsewhere (probably via another school close by) so if you are not in the area, check out if you can work something out.
  3. by   MandaTaye
    Did both of my anatomy's at this school.. loved it..and it transfered. I start nursing school in the fall
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    Hey there,

    I am very interested in taking the same classes you did online. PLEASE contact me and tell me what instructors you had and what any tips you can offer. You can reach me at kamarakamara@aol.com. I can't figure out how to e-mail you here. If you can e-mail me here, please don't hesitate.

  5. by   jhancock01
    me again...quick report. Took Dev Psych online at BRCC (through VCCS) and got an A. But there were those in my class who weren't so fortunate. They didn't follow instructions/guidance from the syllabus and that was the kicker. Plus they procrastinated and waited to the end and were sorry for it.

    Took Microbiology as a hybrid. Lecture portion online at PVCC (through VCCS) and the lab portion met 4 Saturdays during semester for a 6 hour lab. Got an A, loved the class.

    All online courses are hard work, but totally worked with my work schedule.

    I got into PVCC's nursing program (2010-2012 cohort) thanks to my A's and now classes are pretty much on campus for the most part (I'll be quitting work before clinical courses start).

  6. by   cheertt2
    Im also back again..I am taking AP2 online this fall at NVCC. I took AP1 on campus and I had a horrible professor. The class had to basically teach ourselves. I still managed to get a good grade, but I figured what the heck, if I taught myself last semester, I should just go ahead and do it online.
  7. by   moni519
    hi, i noticed that a few of you have taken bio 141 & 142 online at nvcc. i'm going to take bio 141 online this fall because the campus class i wanted to sign up for is already full. anyways, does anyone know if the online has a on campus lab? i noticed that most online science classes have on campus labs, but i didn't see any dates for bio 141.
  8. by   soon2bnurstudent
    Unless something has changed since last year when I took Bio 141/142, there are no on-campus labs. The only thing I went on campus for was the exams and you can arrange to have those proctored at a site close to home if NVCC isn't convenient to you. I had a great experience taking them and they transferred for my pre-reqs with no problems.
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    thanks, soon2bnurstudent!!!! taking online then will be better, so i don't have to take days off work.

  10. by   kirsten8177
    Hello,I am currently taking bio 141 at nova, and the exams are killing me.Do you know anything that could possibly help.