From MA to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital???

  1. I live in MA and would love to move to Virgina. I hear amazing things about this state. I would like to live by the water and Norfolk and Virgina Beach were suggested to me. I have never been to Virgina, have no family or friends there but would love the experience. I am trying to find out about good hospitals to work for and how close it is to water and if the area is safe. I would like to work at a hospital with a very strong orientation program.

    I know this is a 600 bed level 1 hosptial so I am assuming they have a strong orientation program. Does anyone have any info on the area hospitals? This hospital also offers a 2000 relocation program

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  3. by   gitterbug
    Why not contact the Virginia BON? I am sure they would be most helpful in your quest for information regarding facilities. Good luck and I hope you do fulfill your wish to move to Va. It is a pretty state with lots of interesting places to see, lots to do, good educational opportunities, and many good facilities. Good luck.
  4. by   saltwaterstat
    I agree w/ g-bug, check w/ the BON. BUT, I gotta tell ya... I worked for sentara, and they were wonderful!!!!!! you cant go wrong. miss it there...moved to nc, it here..but LOVED it there.. (its called a marriage compromise). norfolk, va beach,...honey, if you have the chance to do it, DO IT. but, ck w/ BON.
  5. by   cookie102
    check out the area newspaper virginia pilot it is either or sentara is one of the biggest employers in that area
  6. by   cookie102
    also check out the sentara web site
  7. by   Princess74
    SENTARA IS GREAT. They have several hospitals and facilities in the area, plus a school, almost everything here is owned by them. I go to their school and do my clinicals at their different facilities. Norfolk General is a teaching hospital and I hear that the orientation program is excellent.