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  1. Has anyone looked into or attended Fortis College? They have several Virginia locations, including one here in Richmond. I've never heard of them, but just saw a commercial on TV and was looking into it. Their website doesn't have much info, so I was hoping someone here would know something about them.
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  3. by   ksh270
    Hi, I am sorry I can't answer your question but I went to the website as well and noticed it was formerly known as the Virginia Career Institute. I don't know if that helps but I would love more information as well. I will try to call tomorrow. I will let you know if I am able to get more info.
  4. by   ksh270
    Welllll, I called today but they would not give out any detailed information over the phone such as program details or cost You know I really don't understand that and drives me nuts...anyway when speaking with the admission rep she asked if I was currently a PN. I am not a PN and she stated that in order to get into the Assoc Nursing Program I would need to complete the PN program first and was I still interested? If I am interested I would need to come in to speak with someone if not there was nothing more she could discuss. Anyway, reminded me of some sort of "big" sales....get you in and try to sell their program which, I am just guessing, is probably expensive. Just a guess don't know for sure.

    I hope that is helpful. Maybe someone else that has actually been to the information session with the admission rep could shed more light? If you hear of any other programs would love to know as I am always searching. Thanks!!
  5. by   FirefightersWife
    That figures. Stupid question though, what is a PN?

    Thanks for checking. I am always looking myself, so I'll keep an eye out as well.
  6. by   ksh270
    Thanks. PN is practical nurse aka LPN (licensed practical nurse) I believe. That is what I assumed from my brief conversation with the admin rep.
  7. by   jkaleem
    I made an appointment to speak with a rep and they gave me and two other girls a tour. they have state of the art technology, all the dummies that you practice on were new and it looks like you get real hands on experience there, plus you have to do clinical 2x a week at a hospital so I was impressed with all the equipment. They made us take and pass an IQ test before they would even tell us about the RN program and financial aid, come to find out you have to go there for LPN first $35,195 for 15 months no night school 8:30am-4:30pm mon-fri every 5 weeks you move on to the next class, so it's fast paced. OH you have to take a HESI entrance exam to get into the program, it's 4 hours long basic math you can use the calculator on the computer, reading, vocabulary, and grammer. you have to score 70 or above on each section to pass and get into the program. They sell you a study guide for $32.00 I bought it because I knew I could use it event if I decided to go to another school. Hope that helps alittle.
  8. by   FirefightersWife
    35K? Just for LPN? Wow! Thanks for the info!
  9. by   jkaleem
    OMG I'm so sorry for the wrong info, the price is $25,195 +$75 application fee+$30 for the HESI entrance exam. I've gone to so many schools lately I mixed up fortis with MCI 35k is for the RN program there.
  10. by   nccatim
    Hello! I currently go to Fortis College in NOrfolk, VA for my LPN and I really like it so far. It's hard and challenging, but they provide tutoring (success classes) they have good equipment, teachers who are excited to teach you and help you. Be prepared for a lot of work. I just finished my first week of second semester and myclasses are Mental Health and Pharmacology. I already have a test on 6 chapters, a group presentation, clinicals due by next week. The classes are pricey, but it's hard trying to find a school that is willing to provide with teh tools to learn, including the instructors time. I have all my instructors cell phone and can call after hours. Hope this helps with your decision, feel free to hit me up wiht more questions!
  11. by   turtlesrus
    can you give me more information about their program? What prerequisites did you have to have to start? what do you know about their clinicals? like where are they done and how many hours are their over the 15 month period?
  12. by   nccatim
    I didn't have to take any prerequisites and clinicals start on the fourth week of first semester. Where they are done really depend, they don't like more than 10 students to a site, so they split you up like they did our class. I liked that because you get more one on one time with the instructor if you have questions. i don't know the exact hours, but i take the daytime class and it's 830 to 3 except clinicals which is 630-3. the first semester of clinicals is longterm care, second semester is at a hospital ...i have to tell you later what that's like because i just started second semester. i forgot to mention that the second semester is INTENSE and med surge is added later. third semester from what i know is maternity and medication administration. I don't know where you're located, I'm in norfolk and i have my clinicals at portsmouth naval which is awesome. i hope this helps and if i left anything out let me know!
  13. by   TAANDOHRN
    wow thanks for the info... I guess it is sort of like MCI with the accelerated classes. I plan to check them out next week and make start applying to some schools.
  14. by   nccatim
    good luck with your decision. My school rep helped me out. also, we start taking hesi tests and they have "success classes" to help you get good at taking them so by the time we graduate and have to take it as our exit exam, you'll be good to go. they say that those who do well in hesi tests are most likely to pass the NCLEX. let me know if you have any questions or go! maybe i'll see you there
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