New York Nurse moving to Vermont

  1. Hello,
    I am wondering on how as a newly licensed RN in New York state, I would be able to get my license in Vermont. I have had my license for about two weeks, and while looking for jobs I have found some positions in Vermont. I know about license by endorsement, but my problem is with what I've been finding on the process of doing this. From what I have read, I need to have had so many days/hours of practice under my NY license to be able to be approved for the Vermont state license. Is this actually the case? Or would I just be able to apply and receive my license for both states. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   vt prn
    Google "Vermont board of nursing". It will lead you to the website which contains FAQ and contact information. Better to go directly to the source than get second hand information that might be incorrect.
  4. by   Tippyrn
    Vermont is walk through state, you go to Montpelier with your new York license and you get the vermont license the same day.
  5. by   mmcaul103
    Hey! I noticed this thread and was like holy this is the same question I have. I'm assuming your a SUNY Canton Grad?! I graduate this May from there! I too am also looking to start my career in Vermont and have started to apply to some places. Please share with me any helpful tips about getting my Vermont license!