Castleton BSN Program

  1. anyone know about the program at Castleton State for ASN or new BSN program?

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  3. by   kabfighter
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    The program is essentially a three-year associate degree followed by a fourth year of 3000 and 4000 level BSN classes. It involves one year of prerequisites, two years for the ASN program (after which you graduate and take the NCLEX-RN), and then the BSN courses. I am currently in the second year (first year of ASN courses) and I am having a fairly good time. The instructors are friendly and the clinical sites are generally pretty good (I can only speak for mine, but I haven't heard many complaints regarding the others).

    I realize that this post is late...I provided it in case someone searches for "Castleton" and doesn't find much information.
  4. by   mikmca
    Thanks for posting, kabfighter. I was looking for just this kind of info about Castleton, but would love to find out more if possible. I'm interested in the BSN program there, but already have a BA in English and am looking to get the show on the road as fast as possible, so am considering the ASN as well. By now you've probably graduated (congratulations!) and have a better sense of how Castleton prepared you. What do you think? I like that the prereqs are included in the program, as with most other programs I'd need a year of classes to start the nursing program.
    Any thoughts?