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I lost my job about 2 months ago and my husband ad I have been living soley on his income..I have been actively searching for work ever since

I practically live on craigslist right now. Ive submitted myself to 100's of positions!. Hopefully will get some calls. but if worse comes to worse we'll have to stay with some family.

My CNA course starts Aug 10th and ends on the 28th...our lease is up Aug 30th so im hoping it wont take me long to find a position... and once I get a job as a CNA Im going to start my pre reqs for an RN program

My husband has a better job opportunity lined up as well so we're hoping that works out too.. If it does we should be able to get another place sooner..

just a stressful period in time right now... looking for ANY ideas/support or similar stories before my internet shuts off..

hopefully its over soon..

damn economy


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I am really sorry you are going through this difficult time. I will pray for you.


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thank you so much! Its very much appreciated.. I feel blessed enough as it is that we dont have kids yet.. I would feel TERRIBLE! Its just me and my husband and I know that we can survive.. its just going to be a matter of time before we get to where we need to be..

I wonder if anyone else on here is going through a similar situation?

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Have you checked job sites other than craigslist? I don't know that it's the best site for job ads.


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I have my profile, coverletter, and resume at and yahoo hot jobs..

I also entered 2 babysitter databases, and posted an ad on craigslist as a babysitter

jobs ive applied to:


fast food






dish washer

man.. I just worked for a bank and when I lost my job it was quite a I cant find another

Im just glad we have enough for me to take the CNA course


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Try This employment website compiles listings from the major job websites in one place. Also try the employment website of your state Employment Development Department. I found a job there once. You can save money on the CNA course by going to a long term care facility and taking their course for free. When you finish their training, they will employ you. You will probably be employed from day one even while they are training you. In my state you can work for four months as a NA before you have to get certified. I would take the free training and save the CNA course fees for food or gas. Good luck.


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thanks Ill try Ive been calling all the nursing homes in my area and surrounding area ad they dont provide free training right now. I wish they did..that would be PERFECT but I have to get the CNA course done that Im already signed up for before our lease goes up..

that way at least Ill have better chance at finding a job having a certified skill..

i know exactly what you're going through. my husband and i both lost our jobs within weeks of each other earlier in the year and to make matters worst (although it is a blessing in disguise) i found out i was pregnant two weeks later. we also have two other children.

i was working in the medical field because i was in a nursing program before and completed two semesters but had to drop due to personal reasons. my husband worked with computers. we applied to job after job after job with maybe one or two calls with no offers. i was not eligible for unemployment because i was not at my job long enough and my husband got the state's minimum ($330/month). we have depleted all our savings and even cashed out our 401k as means to maintain ourselves. with how the economy is, i decided to go back to school and complete my last year of nursing school and my husband has also decided to return to school.

thankfully, it will only take a year for me to finish nursing school (the original school i attended wanted me to start all over but i was able to transfer to another program that accepted my previous classes and allowed me to pick up where i left off) . my husband also should be done with his degree in computer technology next summer (he also had prior college credits and is taking a heavy load to get done faster). for now, we are barely surviving off his unemployment and some help from family members. the only thing that helps us get through the day is the fact that this time next year; we will both be done with school and on our way to successful careers. it's not easy especially when i think i'll be stating school next month and be seven months pregnant but it's a sacrifice that i have to make; it will pay off in the end.

all i can say is hang in there. although things may seem bleak, they're people in worst situations. just wanted to let you know you're not the only one having a difficult time. keep positive! i know i am. :nuke:


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thanks for all of your support! it really helps!

Im contacting all the nursing homes in the area to see if they are hiring nurse assistants...NO ONE is!

ugh..looks like its back to moms house...

Its truly sad I dont know how the economy got like this it seems overnight. I'm 23 my mom is sick and my older sister makes min. wage in New York. For about a year I was working at Capital One Bank until I got fired for telling them I had a diploma and really didnt.

:madface: Welp now I'm on Unemployment along with 2 of my other friends the good thing I can say is that they help you find a trade :yeah:. All we can ever do is pray and hope for the best in the end , lifes hard I feel like such a failure to my family. To become a nurse is my dream!!

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