Venting!!! Trouble finding a job NY/NJ tri=state area...


Like hundreds of other nursing students graduating from nursing school I thought the job hunt begins! In nursing school our professors would tell us, "You can find a job anywhere and you can find a job in any specialty you desired." They were wrong. Living in New Jersey / New York tri-state area where is the nursing shortage? There is no nursing shortage in the tri-state area. I am even happy to even get a call back and/or interview. Is this happening in all the major cites?

As much as we were told in nursing school that the nursing profession was recession proof our professors were wrong. In New Jersey there were approximately eight hospital closing, what does that mean for the new graduate nurse. Well, it means we are competing with experienced nurses who do not need to be as thoroughly trained as new graduates. It also means the nurses that left the profession are coming back because they or their spouses lost their jobs and need to make a living to support their families. What is a new graduate nurse to do? We work hard to get out of nursing school. Then we work hard to pass the NCLEX. Then, we must work hard to get a job and then work really hard when we start work and have to earn respect from exp RN's and Doctors. I'm just venting. Am I the only new graduate that feels this way?:crying2: I just want a chance...that's all... I know we all have to pay our dues and I'm willing and able...

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Sorry this is so rough in your area. Have you expanded your search to units you might not have considered before or areas that might be in more demand like geri? Good luck.


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Where in NJ do you live? I found many jobs in Sept as a new nurse in nj. I turned several down. I got into the hospital I wanted or at least thought I wanted (its a tough job). Look at Dr offices and LTC. There are jobs, they just may not be where you want them to be.

I live in Central/Middlsex NJ. Where can I look to find a job at a doctors office? Thanks for your support to you all that took the time to reply :) By the way how did you apply to these jobs that speak of.


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I just applied to offices at random. Sent my resume everywhere. For the hospitals I put on my suit, took my resume and went to the hospital and asked for the HR person who hired nurses. I will call some friends and ask around for the area you mentioned.


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Hi RNnightingale, i sympathize with you. I've been looking for a job since i passed the boards in November and the search is very slow. I've looked in New York and New Jersey. I see what you mean by a lot of the hospitals closing. I'm trying to keep positive and i think that one of the reasons why we are not getting results is because this is the end of the year and the hiring is very slow. Nurses aren't leaving their jobs year end and hospitals need to reassess their budgets for the next year. Hopefully things will turn aound in the new year. I know it's difficult, i thought that the job is in the bad as well when i graduated nursing school and this is very unexpected. A part of me is afraid that the new year won't make that much of a difference but... i think its better to keep a positive attitude! keep plugging away, you are not alone.


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I am a new grad RN and 8 months later I'm having the same troubles in NYC/NJ area. Passed my boards on 7/13 and it's almost a month and not 1 phone call. I'm really stressed because I have a 2 year degree and these hospitals won't give me the time of day. I am trying to stay positive but I feel so alienated because I don't have a 4 year degree. I really think that if this is an issue in NYC/NJ then they shouldn't offer 2 year degrees in Nursing. Also, I feel confident that I'm just as qualified as a nurse with a BSN, I mean we passed the SAME exam to be granted the SAME license. Sorry guys just venting, anybody out there that has any leads or can help me??????


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hug no advice but a job will come it is just the tight market, you will use your ADN, flu season is coming and who knows how that may effect the climate of jobs.

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