Vent! Difficult ex-group project member!


I am currently taking Anatomy, and we have been doing lots of group projects! A guy that used I know from another class wanted to be in my group so I said OK. We had to do a cell model, and on the day that we planned to meet afterwards, he was not in class. I texted him and he did show up and help, but afterwards, I noticed that he never comes to class!

The strange part is that he is usually out in the halls as though he shows up late and doesn't want to walk into class that way. I asked him about it saying- aren't you in my class? To be honest, I really wasn't sure.

I found out that this is his second time time taking anatomy and he basically has the attitude that he knows it all and doesn't need to show up for class as long as he studies. That doesn't make sense because part of our grade is based off attendance. Anyways, he is really cocky and acts like he knows it all.

To make a long story short, I decided that I wanted to surround myself with people who actually care and did not invite him to be in my group the next time. Two days before the next project was due he texted me asking about when we were going to do the project and I said ummmmm, I am finished. Then he got mad and acted like I was responsible for letting him know, what am i gonna do, etc! He was basically blaming me because he wasnt going to finish on time and proceeded to text me some pretty nasty things! I finally told him that I didnt have time for his nonsense and that if he had actually been in class, we mightve done the project together!

I don't get it-what is this guys problem? I barely know him and he was such a jerk! He kept going back and forth with rude texts until i finally put a stop to it!


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I am so sorry :( I hate those kind of people! I am currently taking anatomy over again and am an even better student in it. He should want to ensure that he does really well in this class by showing up for that attendence grade. But it sounds like you were able to nip this problem in the bud before he got used to using you :)


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Did you keep the same group members other than him? And did the rest of the groups in your class keep the same members?

If so, then he's got a point.

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As long as he was actually participating and pulling his weight in the group project, his attendence record would mean nothing to me... as long as he did his share of the work and his attitude and attendence did not get in the way.

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I don't get it-what is this guys problem? I barely know him and he was such a jerk! He kept going back and forth with rude texts until i finally put a stop to it!

What an idiot! Don't let someone's irresponsibility get in YOUR way of succeeding! He will just have to take the class a third time and you will never have to see him or hear from him again.

Good luck on your classes! I am grateful I haven't had the "fun" of dealing with group projects. :geek:


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No, we do not have to keep the same members. However, maybe I should have given him a heads up, but he waited around till we had 2 days left to turn it in and since I work I don't have time to wait till the last minute! I don't like that he just assumed I would hold a spot for him and keep him posted too! I have met some pretty cool ppl that actually show up to class that I would rather do the projects with. I didn't intentionally mess him up tho and I dont know if he was able to get in a group on time! I feel bad about that but i think he said that he failed the class the first time over group projects! Maybe he should be more proactive!

We network and find our groups in class. I shouldn't have to call him up/hunt him down, etc.! I don't know him well enough for that!


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The only reason I didn't want to do any more projects with him is because of his attitude. He was always bragging almost about how he had been in the class and knew the material.

I know that I sound like such a goody 2 shoes, but I want to surround myself with ppl who at least pretend to care!

To be honest, I do feel guilty but there are 150 ppl in the class. If he actually went he shouldve had no problem finding a group!


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I don't think you should feel very guilty - I think he has a point (sort of) but only one point out of many. I agree he should have been more proactive in quite a few ways - not the least of which is not waiting until the last minute to start thinking about the project, not assuming you would do all the organizing of when/where/how to work on it, and so on.