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Does anyone know why Venofer is recommended to be infused at beginning of tx? Frequently remaining Venofer is left near end of tx. We usually push it, policy says it should be pushed at beginning of tx. Thought?



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I am unclear why your policy states Venofer be given late in tx. I would want to give early to monitor for adverse effects.


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Our policy does not state to give it at the beginning of treatment. I agree with SmilingBluEyes that it'd be better to give it early to monitor for any side effects.

Out policy doesn't state at the end but I give it near the end for patients who have GI upset and who tend to clot off the ECC.

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I'm an acute nurse I always give venofer or any other iron infusion in the last hour. My rational for doing so is if they get sick and demand to terminate treatment at least they completed most of the treatment for clearance and fluid removal

At our hospital it can be given anytime during the tx. Depending on wether or not it is a loading or maintenance dose , if the patient has had before (if maintenance likelihood of reaction is low, but not unheard of) we usually give fairly early.