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Vault mail in testing?

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So, digging into testing options for my school. As there is everywhere, delays are an issue and there is the question of can we/should be regularly testing staff at least (students would be even better, but I have to be somewhat of a realist here!), so I got send this:


Not perfect AT ALL, of course, but FDA approved. I proceed with caution on tests outside of PCR where the sample is collected by a health care provider. (The antigen test out there as well - the data in my state is actually showing higher than acceptable rates of false positive/negative.)

But my school is willing to entertain paying for regular testing for staff. Which, first off, I appreciate, but then my brain was like with the back-ups in testing, etc, can this even happen if you don't have endless supplies of money.

Anyone else examining this? Have any information? Know someone that has even done this test this way yet?

ruby_jane, BSN, RN

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Check the sensitivity/specificity on these. It's interesting and I want to research more.

JenTheSchoolRN, BSN, RN

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Just now, ruby_jane said:

Check the sensitivity/specificity on these. It's interesting and I want to research more.

This one claims 98%. It is what the MLB is using.

I just don't think any school can afford to pay for regular testing of staff without major aid from its state to do so. There is some talk in MA about mobile testing sites for schools, but I'm not sure if they are talking for symptomatic and known close contacts only or if regular testing is part of that.

nursetlm, ADN

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Our state is starting sentinel testing for Asymptomatic staff in the next few weeks. Not for students at this time.