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Creating a thread for anyone who applied for the AGACNP track beginning next fall as I don't see one on here or Reddit at the moment. Best of luck to all!

I got my acceptance on Friday!! Good luck to all! 

Congrats! I just submitted my application. A little late to the game, but crossing my fingers!

Specializes in NICU/ Mother-Baby.

Has anyone received a decision for those applied later ? 

I applied at the end of January and haven't heard anything yet. I submitted 4 references though and only 3 submitted, so not sure if they will review my app until the 4th is in or not.

Specializes in NICU/ Mother-Baby.

I think only 3 references are required, but you could email the admissions coordinator and check? 

Yes, I did an additional one bc I was worried this reference would be slow ?

Just got my acceptance! Can't wait to meet you all!

I will start this fall 2024 semester as well!! 

What state are you all from? I'll be coming from Eau Claire, WI

alliejanota said:

What state are you all from? I'll be coming from Eau Claire, WI

I am from ATL, GA. Perhaps, We could meet each other during the block session later! 

Specializes in Lifeflight, ICU,ED.

Hi all. Glad we have a little group on here now. Not sure of which/any of y'all were at the admitted students day, but for those that weren't, we did meet with [MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME/IDENTIFIER] and tour the facilities as well as a big orientation group with many of the NP staff and admitted students in other specialties and a Q&A panel of current students. I thought it went well, and I think she did a great job describing our upcoming program, expectations, and answering questions. I'll be commuting from SF where I live. Cheers!

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