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I applied for the psych track. I keep checking my inbox 1000 times a day waiting to hear anything!

I overnighted my app to arrive on the last day and got an email later in the afternoon of the 27th saying they received my application package and that i would receive another email within the week confirming that my app was complete and with further instructions.

I also know that interviews are supposed to be in Feb/March so hopefully we should hear soon.

Anyone have any updated info? Its hard to be patient!


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Hey y'all! I applied for pediatrics. I cannot wait to hear about interviews. Hopefully emails should come any day now. I am holding out for next week!


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Hey all,

I just received an email stating that I was not selected for an interview. Although disappointed, I realize this only means that I'm meant to start my career somewhere else! Good luck to everyone else, I hope yall get in! :)


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Sorry to hear bsnstudent, you will excel elsewhere :)

I still haven't heard anything!...any one else waiting to hear, one way or the other?


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I got an interview!!! :)


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I'm with bsnstudent....out of the running. I think those "not selected" will get the rejection information first. So if you're not hearing early by now, you might be safe.

Oh well, time to move on and keep looking...good luck to all!


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Just found out yesterday that I got an interview-so I thought it an appropriate time to join and start posting! I applied for the Adult Surgical excited!


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I just found out I got an interview to the pediatric track - so excited as well!!

I've been looking at other posts about this program and some people have been saying they care about volunteering. I don't volunteer in a hospital but am heavily involved with community service at my school (i.e. Mission trips, Habitat for Humanity, Make-A-Wish Foundation). Is it possible this could be used against me after the interview? I love community service and volunteering but also have a demanding academic schedule and babysit several days a week.


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If you were invited to interview, I don't think they will "use any thing against" you during the interview. They are obviously interested in you or they wouldn't have selected you to interview! Don't focus on what you don't have!

Has anyone interviewed yet? How was it?


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Not yet....anxiously awaiting March 16th!

I did have my interview and am not quite sure how I feel about it. I felt that it was very impersonal and that they did not really get to know me - and just stuck to their packet of challenging questions... barely looking up. I left there feeling very down and do not think I will be chosen... there was nothing differently I could have prepared for it, it just made me feel pretty discouraged.


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I interviewed Feb 14th for the peds track. I was really excited going into the interview but the nerves got to me. I have no idea how I did during the interview but I am staying positive. I currently live in New Jersey. Anyone else from out of the area?

Good Luck to everyone with their interviews and the rest of the process! I hope to meet some of you soon! :)