Vancouver BC - What a beautiful city!

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Here in Canada (Vancouver BC) for a MUSE conference this week.

This is my first time in Canada and WOW what a beautiful city Vancouver is!

Walked this morning (from my hotel to Stanley Park) along the water front and was treated to spectacular views of the harbor, the mountains, the sea planes, cruise ships,the city sky line and more!!! I almost slept in today - THANK GOD I decided to exercise this am!!!

I'm definately coming back to spend more time exploring the city.


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Definitely a beautiful city!!! I have seen MANY large cities around the world and Vancouver is by far my favourite!!!

I am so glad that I live within an easy visit to the mainland, we are definitely lucky on this side of Canada!!

If you are ever in the neighborhood again for a visit I highly recommend Victoria (on Vancouver Island) as well.

Enjoy your stay and conference


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Just stay away from Main & Hastings. It's the twilight zone.


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I just came back from a defunct Mexican cruise, where we ended up going to Victoria and Vancouver. Really liked it there and plan to go back for a longer vacation. It did remind me of the US though, but cleaner.


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It is not only a great city to visit but a great place to live too!

Next time you visit make sure you check out Gas Town and go out beyond the downtown core, there are wonderful finds in the other cities that surround Vancouver and many of them are located right on public transit!

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