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Hey all!

Took my NCLEX on Friday at 8am. It's now Monday and still waiting on results. The wait is killing me because the state of VA does not participate in quick results. Some facts:

Test cut cut off between 85-89 questions. Crap ton of SATA questions.

Did not try PVT because my nerves just couldn't handle it lol tried it once and thought I failed then learned that you Now have to enter in your CC information and hit the final submit. Didn't want to take the chance of finding out I failed and losing $200 because

I'm just looking for some positive vibes to quell my nerves. Most friends found out they passed the next day but since I took it on Friday I knew there would be a delay. I also don't know if there is a delay because i took it in a different state then my licensing state. Also might be a delay in updating of BON website. If seeing that there wasn't even a nearby available test date in my own state until next month is a indication of how many people tested this week it may take a few days for them to update the website because from what I hear it all done manually

Update: about 5 minnafter posting this my name popped up on the VA BON website so I passed !!!

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