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I submitted resumes for several VA positions at the end of July. I have heard back from two positions at the out of town VA, saying that I wasn't selected to be interviewed. I've heard nothing from the local VA yet. From all of the information that I can find here on allnurses, this wait isn't unusual. I just was hoping to get some experiences or confirmation, I guess, from others who have been there done this. I'm really very interested in the VA, so I'm hoping that something works out with one of the positions I applied to. Does anyone have any advice for me? Thanks so much for your help.

In my experience, the VA is v. slow to interview and hire. It is its own, separate world, and it moves at its own pace.

Good luck with the position!

Thanks so much. I've already gotten a letter from another VA that I applied to at the same time saying that I haven't been selected to interview, which is what I think is making me so eager to hear something about these locations. I appreciate your help!

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I currently work at a VA and I feel although they do all the hiring completely legally and "by the books", people that know someone on the inside definitely get hired more quickly than those that do not. Just like with any other job, be persistent. If possible find out who the nurse manager is for the floor or unit you are trying to be hired for and introduce yourself. I have seen qualified applicants take jobs elsewhere while waiting for their application to get through human resources before it ever got to the unit manager. If the unit manager knows who you are and has a face to the name it may help you get hired more quickly. If it helps, it took me approx. 3 months to get hired.

It sounds like I'm on track then, as far as the wait time goes. My husband knows someone who knows a UD there, and she said she'd be happy to put in a good word for me. I always feel bad taking people up on those kinds of things, but probably shouldn't, if I ever want to get a job other than the one I have. I appreciate your response!

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It took me about a year and a half to get to interview process, even though I knew someone who works here (went to nursing school together), and I took care of her family as patients at my previous place of employment.

Just have patience and keep applying. Go talk to Nurse recruiter yourself.

The VA recruiter called today, but I missed her call. I'm assuming that it's not practice to call and say that they don't want to interview? So the next hurdle might (hopefully!) be the interview itself. :eek:

What if they cannot find your supervisor to get the letter, say they quit suddenly and they are the only one you worked under. Then what? Do you loose the position?

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