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Anyone other MEPN applicants on here? I applied for fall '11 entry and was recently told the program coordinators were trying to decide whether to do interviews this year or not and it was still up in the air. Also was told decisions should be in early February, like last year.

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I wish I knew what the deal was with the interviews. At the info session I went to in November they said they weren't doing them, but on the FAQ page on the website it says "positive personal interview with faculty" is a factor in their review process, the answer to the question about interviews is "yes - top 30% of candidates" and the answer to when notifications happens indicates people with be invited for an interview, put on the waitlist, or receive notice you're not accepted in early February.

My application confirmation email said decisions will be made in January with notifications coming shortly thereafter.

I applied in October. I have tried to put it out of my mind since then, but now that January is getting closer, I'm getting anxious!

I remember thinking (from something I read) that decisions were released in January, but then I was told on the phone it would be some time in early-mid February. The website refers to interviews but on the phone I was told no interviews this year. After reading some posts from applicants over the last 3-4 years, it sounds like every year the admissions office debates whether to hold interviews and then only interviews the top candidates and everyone else just waits. It seems like the people who get admitted were usually interviewed and waitlistees were sometimes interviewed, sometimes not. Interviews appear to have been between the first and fourth weeks in January in the past.

My big question is, why get rid of interviews? UVM has never even required people to interview in person; its been over the phone. Now they are eliminating interviews all together? I wonder if it is just to save time. It concerns me though because I think interviews allow people to shine and give those of us with less than stellar grades/scores the chance to explain ourselves with more than just that 500 word essay. It sounds to me like if they get rid of interviews, it's going to make us "well rounded" applicants a lot less competitive.

I am a native Vermonter and I only applied to UVM, primarily because I am settled here and I also don't think I can afford the tuition at private or out of state institutions. Obviously, I would love to go to UVM either way because Burlington is an amazing city and Fletcher Allen would be a fantastic place to learn, but if I don't get in this time around I'll work harder and re-apply again next year. How about you - are you in VT? What other programs did you apply to?

Hello. Despite really not looking forward to interviewing, I also was hoping an interview would help me out. My grades are a bit less than stellar and I agree that it gives you an opportunity to explain what may look like a shortfall on paper. Either way though, I'm trying not to stress about it. Its out of my hands!

I, as well, am only applying to UVM this year, though I am not from Vermont- I've never even been there! They are one of few programs that have the Psych track for MEPN, and thats what drew me towards the program. Being out of state (I live in NY), it will be quite expensive but I'm hoping it will pay off for me anyway.

I'm hoping, actually, that we get decisions a little later than sooner, as I'm trying to sneak in a supplemental transcript from classes I took this past semester and they will not be available until early January. Whatever will be will be though!

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How about you - are you in VT? What other programs did you apply to?

I'm in Vermont, too, and this is the only program I've applied to. We're settled here and still have one kid at home. Do you have any medical experience? It sounds like they really do look at the whole application, so lower grades can be offset by other things.

This would be a career change for me, and I'm trying to balance both side of the what ifs... Either life is going to get really crazy for a few years, or I'll have to dust off the disappointment and keep on keeping on. If I don't make this year's cut I will ask if there is anything that could be done to strengthen my app and give it another shot next year.

als, it is interesting that they seem to allocate a certain number of seats to the psych and other tracks. It is scary to think that there are only 16 total spots (so they say) which means if they break it up by track, it's actually quite a bit less. I am not sure which is the most competitive but I imagine FNP probably receives the most applications and has the most spots. Still, to think I might be competing with 100+ people for 10 or less spots is really not fun. On the plus side for you, I do not think they give any additional preference to students from Vermont; I asked and unlike med school, UVM's nursing school only gives admissions preference to undergraduate applicants who are state residents.

crs, we are in similar shoes. I am settled in central VT near my parents, with my spouse (no kids yet, but they're coming). I was born/raised here, left for about ten years after high school and came home for good just a few years ago. I'm also really excited about this, but at the same time, I am trying to lower my expectations because of how competitive this is. I do have previous medical experience; I'm an EMT and I've also volunteered in a local hospital. I'm not sure how much this will help me though given my grades.

How about you all - medical experience? Have you taken all of the recommended courses or will you be in summer school with me (if we get in)?

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I'm an EMT as well! I've been doing that just over a year and will be starting the intermediate class next month. That's my only medical experience. My degrees are in business, so if I get in I'll have to take the recommended courses, too.

The summer thing is a bit of a concern because I was hoping to work the whole summer and put away as much of my salary as possible. We also have a 10 day family trip planned and paid for in July. It's our 25th anniversary, so it's not just a run of the mill vacation that could be postponed. (Not to mention with full-time school and no job for a couple of years, it would be our last vacation for a while!)

crs, I understand - I had planned on working this summer too, though I'd obviously rather take summer classes if it means I get into the program than not. UVM's program seems to be one of the only direct entry programs in the country that has no prerequisites. Even the CNL programs require A&P, stats and microbiology.

I'm guessing just about everyone who is applying to this has at least some healthcare experience. There are probably a lot of healthcare administrators, nurse assistants/techs and EMT's who go into this type of program since it isn't designed for pre-existing RN's.

If anyone does hear from UVM about an interview, please post because it would be very good to know definitively whether they are doing selective interviews or not since it still seems to be up in the air.

Hello all,

I am a student of the MEPN 2011 class ( I was accepted last year and deferred)

If you are accepted into the program, I have created a Facebook group page

for introductions and such. Once you're in, let me know and I'll send you an invite.

Good luck to you all!

It's now almost mid January.. Anyone hear anything yet in terms of an interview, word from the program, etc?

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Not yet. I was able to put it out of my mind for the holidays, but now that January is here I'm getting anxious!

Got an e-mail from UVM today. Said that decisions would be made this month and notifications would be sent out in Feb. Doesn't sound like there will be interviews.

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