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I just found out I got accepted into the UTMB BSN program!!!!! Just wondering if anyone else is going there this fall 2007.

when was it post-marked? I just sent in my app. so i have 2 wait till june anyways

congratz another class mate that will join me!!!

Congratulations nicdem!

When did you apply to UTMB? I applied early April.

I applied to UTMB in Feb.


*doing the happy dance*

see yall in the Fall!!!

CONGRATZ!! Cant wait to see yall!

I thought their applications closed July 1st because they pushed it back

No they pushed the deadline back to May 31st but it is rolling admissions. Meaning that in early February a bunch of people got acceptance letters then again in March and now a bunch more in May are about to find out if they got in or not. The earlier you applied, the better chances you have at getting in.

I wanted to renew this post for those of us who are applying for the Fall 2008 BSN program. Has anyone else heard from UTMB? I called a few weeks ago and was told that they are "considering doing interviews and will either call or email to let you know". I found it odd that the person with whom I spoke made it seem that they were not sure whether interviews would happen or not. Well, if anyone gets an interview letter I'd love to hear from you. Meanwhile, I'm checking the mail, phone, and email daily.

they are doing interviews, i know for a fact

Yes, they sure are! I have been seeing the new recruits coming to the third floor in the SON building. As Jezziemis has mentioned before, be sure to be professionally dressed for your interview and just be yourself!

Jezz and DMD -

So, do you think they are already interviewing for the fall program?

Yes, they are interviewing Fall applicants at this time. I know last December they were interviewing the Bacc2 students.

I called the admissions office and spoke with them. She said they are still calling people for interviews, so I will remain hopeful. I feel like I would have heard something by now though.

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