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UTHSC Summer 2012 accelerated program


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Question: Do you need to have a BS to apply to this program...I have a BA???

No, just a Bachelors degree of any sort. I have never seen anything that specified otherwise. I applied to the Pacesetters as well. Did you?

**Hagendorg, I have not been able to locate much about the GPA's for the last accelerated program. There is that one thread and a few listed their GPA's. They seemed pretty good and doable as opposed to all 4.0's.

Tuttie91, did you apply for the Fall too?

I am getting so anxious! haha I just wish I'd know one way or another. I hope they send them out sooner than April cause then we'd have to find a place to live pretty quick. I'm from Austin so I'm not sure what to expect as far as living and where would be best to start looking.

I am kind of hoping that we will hear something in March. Did you apply for both Bacc2 and Fall?

Yup! I'm really hoping for the Bacc 2 program. I applied to 5 programs, 4 universities total. I can tell people are getting annoyed with me at home cause it is all I can talk about!!!!

Hey Everyone, I am currently a student at UTHSC, first semester. You can look at the Spring 2012 for stats etc but the stats of those that were admitted and denied varied. I remember the waiting game and trying to guess how my stats compared but in the end there is no way to figure it out. Like I said the stats were all over the place. You obviously have to do well but even a 4.0 or a high hesi score isn't a guarantee from what I have seen from other posts. :) Our class has all ages, nationalities, many with degrees and advanced degrees. We have some with alot of experience in health care and some with none. We had 90 at the beginning of the semester but a few have dropped. The accelerated used to be shorter but now I believe is the same length so not sure what the difference is except you have to have a Bachelors to apply to the summer. There were something like 800-900 apps for the spring. Not sure how many they have apply for the accelerated. Though we have quite a few with degrees in the generic. Good luck and I hope you all hear soon!!!

Admissions decisions seem to have been made! Check your UTH if you haven't gotten an email!

I was accepted today- good luck to everyone!

Hello everyone, this message goes out to everyone that made the cut for the Accelerated program starting May 2012. Congrats! I made a Group page on Facebook with the title "UTHSC SON BACC2 Class of 2013." I think this would be a great outlet to keep in touch throughout our time together in this program if we ever need each others help or guidance. Just search UTHSC SON BACC2 Class of 2013 on Facebook and you can add yourself to the group as well as your friends that are in the program. Look forward to seeing all of you in a month!

I had a BFA instead of a BS and got accepted so I can confirm that doesnt make a difference.

Same here, my first degree was a BFA in Dance

I just found out a couple days ago I got into the accelerated program also!! Can't wait to meet everyone and get started! :)

So I've been trying to check the website for my admissions status but it doesn't seem to exist anymore. Would any of you mind giving me a link to the right place? Thank you so much!

Do any of you guys know what are schedule is going to be like?? I found the curriculum online, but not like a schedule...

MyUTH was down for several days last week. Just keep checking and calling. Make sure to join the Facebook group. Me and the other current students have tons of info for you that we have posted to Facebook. Search for UTHSC SON Bacc2 Class of 2013