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There are many posts about pay in Utah, but not everything is older and not much about experienced nurses...

My husband and I are considering moving home to Salt Lake City to help his mom who has had some financial and health problems lately. We currently live in San Diego. I KNOW I am going to take a pay cut, but would like an idea of how significant it is going to be. I have been a nurse for 6 years and an ICU nurse for 5 at a large private hospital. Currently making about 42/Hr.

Also, I am not interested in working nights. Do any hospitals in Slc hire directly to day shift? Or could I work float pool to avoid nights? I would also consider doing Cath lab/IR/PACU if necessary.

Thanks in advance!


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I spent 3 years working ICU in the SLC proper area, and recently left the region. Your wage will be determined on which setting you wish to practice in. Do you desire to be in an traditional acute care hospital? Are you open to working in an LTACH for increased pay? It is possible to be hired to straight days but more difficult. I'll provide more details after your response.


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Thanks for your response. I've never really considered working at an LTACH, but if the hours and the pay were better I guess I would do it


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Landmark hospital in Murray will pay best, or Promise in downtown SLC. They are both LTACH's and would pay over $30/hr with your experience.

With 6 years RN exp. I imagine HR would offer you a whopping $28-29/hr. Perhaps a bit more or less. The big hospital systems in salt lake are intermountain healthcare, and U of U hospital. Mountainstar and Iasis are also around but I do not recommend them. HR just doesn't seem like they negotiate with out of state applicants (or anyone for that matter). They have far too many new grads and applicants that are willing to work for dirt wages. You could try and see.

If you want to get into a high acuity level 1 ICU let me know. I have some good connections.

As far as dayshift, try PACU, SDS, OR, at any of the hospitals in town. I know that some ICU's at IMC will allow that, and some won't.

For guaranteed dayshift and higher pay look for a free-standing OR. There are a few of those in the region and pay quite a bit more. I can't remember names but you could try indeed or craigslist.


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I have been offered jobs in the ICU at both the U of U and IMC. The pay is actually a couple bucks less than you guessed. Bummer. Really not a livable wage. I am waiting to hear back from the VA. I am hoping the will pay a bit better, that is the case here anyhow.

I am going to follow your suggestion and look for a stand alone OR. Thanks again


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Hey Stephihoh, sorry to hear the wage is lower than you were hoping, but are you sure it's not a livable wage considering the cost of living difference between Salt Lake and San Diego? We are moving back to Utah at the end of December from a much higher cost of living state where my husband could take a $15k pay cut in SLC and it would be the same as his wage here on the East coast

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