Nursing schools along the Wasatch Front

  1. Let's say time and money were not an issue... Where would you go and why?

    SLCC with a 2.5 year waiting list, but alot less expensive than other programs?
    Utah Career College for $65,000 (yes, that is what I was told over the phone recently)?
    Ameritech with questionable NCLEX pass rates?
    Provo College? I know little about this school. Any info is appreciated!
    UVU? Is the program still extremely difficult to get in to?

    Am I more likely to be hired from one school vs. another?
    Will I struggle to pass the licensing exam graduating from a "tech" school?

    So many options, so much red tape... HELP!!!
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  3. by   CPhT2RNstudent
    I am in SLCC and feel it is a good choice. Are you opposed to moving out of state for your education? How is your GPA? I would avoid the pricey "tech" schools. If money isn't a problem and you wanted to get in quicker you could do a "tech" school but get a poor education.
  4. by   tfleuter
    I think you will find that UVU's requirements will be...different. Not necessarily easier but the GPA average will be coming down for sure. Three major changes are taking place starting in the Fall of 2010. First, instead of just using 5 pre-req classes to determine your gpa (Biol 1010, Math 1050, Nutr 1020, Chem 1110 and Eng 1010) then will be taking into consideration all 11. The additional classes are Eng 2020, Psy 1100, Nurs 1400, Zool 2320 (anatomy), ZOOL 2420 (Physiology) and Micro 2060 (Microbiology). Anatomy, physiology and microbiology tend to be more difficult classes than biology and chemistry with fewer people getting A's in them the first time taken. This alone will bring down the GPA.

    The second change is a limitation on the number of times you can retake a class within a given time period. It used to be that you could retake a class as many times as you wanted, and supposively that what some people did. I've been told some students would take a class 4 or 5 times to get an A, though the most I've ever heard someone admit to was 3. Now each student may retake each pre-req ONCE and that's it.

    The final change may not make a huge difference, but still perhaps a little. It used to be that a C or better in any pre-req class was acceptable, but now they are raising it to a B-.

    Good luck in whatever you choose! I'm starting the UVU nursing program this fall and am very excited! I believe something like 230 applicants applied this semester with the average gpa being 3.95 and the TEAS composite being 91 or so. I really don't think this will be the trend in the near future.