How Long Does DOPL Take to Upload NCLEX Results?

  1. Hi there,

    I'm taking my NCLEX next week and wanted to know how long it took for DOPL to upload my license number on their website as proof that I passed? This is the website I've gone to that I am assuming they'll upload the results to:

    Also, do you guys happen to know of any other "clever" ways to find out if you passed in Utah? I know in other states there are some ways, but I'm not completely familiar with Utah just yet.

    I'm just really impatient/excited to see if I passed. I also cannot start my new job until I have passed, so I'm really eager to not be poor anymore haha

    Thanks so much in advance!
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  3. by   an0517
    Good luck on the nclex! Please let me know what you find out regarding nclex results!
  4. by   tabithug531
    I passed!!!!! I just found out 5 minutes ago. I took the test at 8am, Monday, July 6th and the results were up by around 11:30-11:45 pm Tuesday the 7th on DOPL.
    I did not find any "tricks" that were worth taking. Pearson Vue has a "quick results" option where you can see if you passed or not 48 hours after you take the test for $7.95 (the site shows if you passed but if you did, it's not the same thing as a license. You have to wait till the state board puts up your result). But DOPL was quicker and I saved some money in the process! The link I provided above was where the results were uploaded to
  5. by   an0517
    Congratulations! What a huge and awesome accomplishment! What did you use to study and how many questions did you have if you don't mind me asking?
  6. by   tabithug531
    Thank you! And no not at all! I had 75 questions.
    I used a combination of the following to study:
    - lipincott's NCLEX RN 10,000 Prep-U
    - NCLEX RN Mastery app (on my phone)
    - and I basically just re-read all the main concepts in that giant med surg book I have. From the concepts I felt needed to be memorized (like various vitals and other things you can't "understand." Things you just have to know), I made my own quizlet cards and went over it a couple of times.
  7. by   an0517
    Thank you for all the valuable information you have given me. I just received my official license in the mail today! Hoping to be able to find a job quickly. I've heard it can be kind of challenging in Utah. I hope your job search has gone or is going well! Goodluck to us new nurses.
  8. by   MadeinOregonRN
    I want to leave an updated post to this thread for anyone that stumbles across it like myself. Let me start by saying that i had my LPN and major nursing education from Oregon over 5 years ago before coming to Utah to bridge over to get my RN-BSN. So I took NCLEX June 7th 2016 at 1:30pm and finished around 100 questions (i wasn't keeping track) and finished around 3pm. I didn't study and had waited over a month since graduation to go take the test and felt like the test kicked my butt. I walked out feeling awful like i didn't know anything and felt like i utterly failed. So i kept checking the utah DOPL and FYI for all you new NCLEX takers the DOPL doesn't update their website until 11:30pm!!!!! After reading this thread and one or two other comments online about passing NCLEX in Utah everyone was saying how their nursing license was instantly updated on the DOPL within 24 hours of taking the test so when my nursing license didn't show up within the 24 hour winodw i assumed i had failed. I desperately wanted to confirm my worst fears of failing and so then i was left wtih Pearson Vue Quick results which showed up EXACTLY 48 hours from the time i started the test and it confirmed that i had passed NCLEX!

    So for anyone reading these posts i don't want you to get discouraged just because your license hasn't posted to DOPL. As for the PVT I looked into it and decided that $200 was too much to risk losing on a "trick" and that i would just have to suffer and wait it out for the quick results to post and pay the $7.95. I am so relieved that i passed and waited for the quick results and just have to wait for DOPL to issue my RN license now for it to be official.
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  10. by   Nurseonwheelz
    I know this is an old post but I definitely came upon it and anxiously read every word last week as I was waiting to hear my NCLEX-RN results. So for others who come across this post, here is some updated info. I tested on Wednesday and was trying all the tricks afterwards. I decided risking another $200 on Pearson wasn't worth it and my name was not showing up on the RN verification website. However, I did receive an email from DOPL Friday morning informing me of my passing results and next steps. Even now, a couple days later, my name still does not show up on the verification website. This may be because I applied to test for Utah licensure from an outside state and may be different for nurses who went to a Utah nursing school. All that said, don't freak out if your name doesn't show up there prior to receiving your results from the Department. DOPL is very quick and you should know in less than 48 hours either from them or by paying the $7.95.
    Good luck all. Study hard. See you in the field.