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I just submitted my application to DATC for the first time! Just wondering if any of you are also applying or have applied before. I know they are competitive but I'm just curious if any one has an... Read More

  1. by   Creed7
    Thanks for the reply!! I'm going to apply and hope for the best. I also took the PAX and was pleasantly surprised to have scored a 130 because I didn't study. I just wanted to see how it was laid out. I think I'll keep my score. They said anything over a 105 is fantastic!!
    Best of luck to you!!! I hope we both get in!
  2. by   JerBearsHoney79
    I applied for the first time for the Spring 2018 class. I didn't get in. I've applied again for the July 2018 class.
    * GPA 3.3
    *Associates of Health Science Degree (nursing track). 1 assignment away from Bachelors of Integrated Sciences (Health Science, Health Promotion and Nutrition Education) with a minor in Health Administration.
    * 18+ years experience as a CMA in about every specialty you can think of. Currently in internal medicine and lab.
    *Excellent references (NP, MD and management)
    *All prerequisites and support classes are complete.
    *PAX score 126

    I have all the points I can get except the military. I made the top 45 last round but was one of the 15 alternates.

    Just received the email yesterday that I made the top 45 again. Hopefully this time I can get accepted!

    Let me know how you're all doing!

    Good luck everyone!
  3. by   seanjohn35
    Hey there JerBear's honey
    Congrats on getting into the top 45 again. This my second time applying to the DATC. The first time I applied I didn't have Patho or Pscyh 1010 (I took Human Growth & Development years ago). I made it into the top 45 this time, and I hope so badly that WE get in this time around. I feel extrememly confident with my credentials, grades, etc... However, I was curious how your experience was with the interview and essay after the interview?
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  4. by   JerBearsHoney79
    There were 4 questions:
    1) What led you to nursing as a career?
    2) How do you plan to manage the heavy course load in your schedule?
    3)What are your future goals in nursing?
    4) Tell us about a time your were faced with a conflict and how you resolved it?

    The essay:
    Read an article and respond. My article was about chemistry...... blah!
    1) Do you agree with the author? Why or Why not?
    2) Do you think the essay was written in a respectful manner? Why or why not?
    Include your name at the top of the paper and use proper citations.

    I thought I did well on both except I forgot my citations, how stupid!
  5. by   seanjohn35
    Have you received a letter from the DATC yet? I got an email April 16 (Monday) saying that they were sending out the letters the next day (Tuesday). It's now Saturday, and I think I've checked my mailbox almost ten times in the last 2-3 days, and still nothing... haha I don't think I've been this impatient since I was a little kid in the back of the car, "Are we there yet?"
  6. by   JerBearsHoney79
    Got mine yesterday. I'm one of the 15 alternates again. BOO!!
  7. by   seanjohn35
    UGH... I'm so sorry! I'm jealous that you at least got SOMETHING in the mail from the DATC. It's the unknown that has been KILLING me. I started going through my trash to see if I accidentally threw it away, but I've been OCD about my mail the past few days so I wasn't surprised when I didn't find anything. Anyway, I hope you're one of the alternates that gets accepted, and I'll let you know when I receive any news from the DATC, whether it's good or bad. THANK YOU for always getting back to me so quickly throughout this whole process!
  8. by   JerBearsHoney79
    I hope you get in! It's frustrating to be in the top 45 every time and being cut. My fingers are crossed for you!!!
  9. by   Happygirl78
    Just to help out anyone who comes across this thread and is looking for some extra insight,

    YOUR PAX SCORE DOES NOT ACTUALLY MATTER. By that, I mean, If you get over a 100 on the composite score DO NOT RETAKE. They don't award for better scores. They just want to see that you are comprehensible and understand "best choice" testing. So although those above have listed off good scores, as of right now you don't receive extra consideration the higher the score. Its a pass/fail point.
  10. by   seanjohn35
    I GOT IN!!! After waiting a week and still not receiving anything in the mail from the DATC, I emailed them to let them know I hadn't heard anything... About five minutes after I sent the email, I got a call from the DATC. They told me over the phone that I had been accepted into their program. Best news ever. About a week later, I received the original letter from the DATC. It had a "return to sender" postage sticker on the letter, so it must have gotten lost or something. I'm glad I called the DATC instead of waiting two weeks... I would have lost my mind!
  11. by   cieraburns
    Hi! What was the name of the book you ordered from Amazon?
  12. by   seanjohn35
    The book I ordered from Amazon for the PAX test was called, "Review Guide For RN Pre-Entrance Exam 3rd Edition." I also watched some videos on YouTube about the PAX test.

    Review Guide For RN Pre-Entrance Exam: 978763762711: Medicine & Health Science Books @