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UTA vs TWU for FNP

by RaeRN RaeRN (New) New Nurse

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im currently trying to decide between the FNP at UTA or TWU. Can anyone that has gone to either program give me any insight into the programs? The cost is similar and the length of the program.

callinshotz, LVN

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Same here. I asked one person about TWU and they said 2 years 8 months.

I am also debating on both, have you decided yet? 


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I haven’t. Still haven’t heard much about the program at TWU from people that have gone there. And very mixed reviews about UTA. 

I just talked to UTA , the advisors aren’t very friendly. I called three times first one said will call me back and never did. Second I just got on the phone with and we got disconnected never bothered to call me back. Then the third one said I don’t work for FNP program I will just have the person you spoke to last time call you back. And I tried to tell her that she didn’t bother to call me back I can get a different advisor and she hung up on me. All the other schools I talked to are way more nicer and professional than uta. What a great first impression.


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Oh no! Sorry to hear that! They were nice and informative when I've talked to them.

iheartnursing91, BSN

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I went to TWU for my BSN and it was a very, very hard program. I'm guessing their NP Program is also intense. I've heard from the NP students I met around campus that it's hard. I'm glad I went there though. I learned so much.

Hey Everyone! 

It seems like this thread stopped about a year ago, but I find myself in the same position of comparing programs. Anyone able to provide insight now that some time has passed? 

Any information you can provide would be much appreciated!