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Hey everyone! I noticed there are a few people still posting on UT Austin thread from last year (myself included), so I decided to start a new one here. I am an external transfer hoping to get into the Traditional BSN program in the fall of 2018. I believe my stats and previous experience are competitive, but I know how difficult it is to get into the program :( anyone know when we should hear decisions?

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would you mind to share your stats ?

Hi zhl980613, I'm an out of state external transfer with a 3.7 overall GPA, science GPA is somewhere around a 3.3 :/ Luckily UT does a holistic review so I'm hoping my experience helps. I volunteered at a hospital for 7 months, and became a CNA last year and now work full time at a skilled nursing facility. I also had a few letters of rec so I'm hoping those help!

Did you also apply for the fall of 2019?

Not applying for fall of 19. I am so damn nerves right now


I know someone who got in as an internal transfer with a 3.2 overall GPA. It is also true that if you apply for Fall you will be accepted for spring due to space since UT admits regular missions for Fall they would need to fill up space for the Spring (so this includes transfers and fall admits who fail a class. UT prioritizes internal transfers and has mentioned that recommendation letters aren't read. They aren't even a part of the internal transfer application. As for acceptance rates, cohorts are usually 80-90 students. For fall 2017 a total of about 60 applicants were admitted. 17-20 (I can't remember) for people who applied for Fall 2017 and 40 for Spring 2018 applicants, all of these applicants were admitted for Spring 2018 regardless. There is a lot of emphasis on the essay! I have read many different and amazing personal essays that sets their tone for why they want to be nurses! Best of luck!

As a external transfer student, I think I can only apply for fall semester. I hope my essays are good.

Do you mind sharing your qualifications?

I am a external transfer student with 54 transfer credits. I have a 4.0 GPA. I am also a member of PTK and some other campus clubs. I have 50+ volunteer hours in a senior community and two letters of LORs.

Hi there! I just graduated last month from UT's BSN program. I wasn't a transfer, but if you all have any questions about the program/life in Austin I'd love to help y'all out! Best of luck on y'all's applications!

Has anyone here anything back yet ?

Anyone heard back? I am going to try to apply for Fall 2019 as an external transfer.

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