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Hi! I have an associates degree and want to move to Halifax, Nova Scotia in about 3 months. Do I need my BSN to work in Canada? And how do I go about getting a lisence? I am so confused, I keep reading different things on the internet. I keep trying to call the board of nursing up there and no one will call me back. Can anyone help me please?


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when you find out, l us k. We talk about moving there frequently.



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Bachelor of Science in Nursing is the entry level requirement to practice as an RN in Canada. Try the Canadian forum for FAQs on moving to my fine country :)



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To be a RN in Canada you need a BScN.

Here is some links if you havent already found them yourself

College of Nurses of Nova Scotia

RNAO (I know its for Ontario but I couldnt find this that was unique to Nova Scotia, but the RNAO provides support and resources for practicing nurses)

Canadian Registered Nurses Association

This is where you will need to go to write the CRNE to obtain your RN lisense


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There might be a chance of being "grandfathered" by the provincial college if you graduated before the degree became mandatory in the province you want to move to and if you have experience.

I've worked with American's who didn't have a degree but had about 15 years experience.

Ultimately, it will be upto the College in Nova Scotia. They'll evaluate your education after you do the paperwork and give them beaucoup dollars.

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As well as meeting provincial requirements I am interested in what route you are planning on moving to NS with? I suspect you are looking at longer than 3 months if you are expecting to work. Employers will require CRNE passed or at least eligibility to sit CRNE and if a work permit is required then it will not be issued without a medical and a LMO. ADN is a new grad may not be accepted by the college

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Please read the thread "Early prep for Canadian move--is it worth it?"

I am an RN, BSN from FL and moved to Canada last summer and just put up a response on that thread.

Hope it helps!