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US nurse moving to Australia

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Hi everyone!

My husband just recently got a job in Alice Springs with the US government. We will be moving in November, so I've got a bit of time. I contacted the NT board of nursing and they sent me a big packet to fill out. My question is that it says I must have a visa before I can fill out the packet to get a job. Am I looking into this too soon? I've looked into the hospital in Alice Springs (I'm a pediatric ED nurse currently and have NO adult experience) and their pediatric department is hiring nurses and will ONLY accept an application if one already has their NT license.... so basically, I'm stuck, how do I get a visa without the hospital sponsoring me? Any advice would be much appreciated.

And yes, I know there's nothing in Alice Springs and that we're crazy to move there, alas, it's a good job for the hubby.



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I don't know how to get a visa without the hospital sponsoring you, but, don't be put off with people bagging you for living in Alice Springs. We have many friends who have lived there all their lives. It has a great small town community feel to it, but you will have a degree of culture shock. It's not quite like crocodile dundee!

ghillbert, MSN, NP

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If I were you, I'd call the nursing board and ask them how to go about it.

You should be getting the visa as a spouse to a government employee. So that should not be any issue for you.

They just want to make sure that you will be able to legally work there, same thing that many states do here for the foreign nurse that wants to come here. Just a reversal of roles.


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Thanks everyone! I wasn't sure if the government would give me a visa, but I had a feeling that that was the case. I haven't gotten many details yet, so I was a bit worried that the visa thing wouldn't work out. It sure will be an adventure, if nothing else!

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