Upenn srna 2017 (c/o 2020)


Hello! My name is Jess and I have created this topic for upcoming UPENN DNP-NA SRNA's starting May 2017. Looking forward to starting and meeting you all!

Hi there!

I'm applying for the 2018 cohort. Sorry I can't private message just yet. But do you have any tips on the interview process? Thanks in advance!


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Hey Jess, congratulations on your acceptance. I will be starting with you for the anesthesia program in May. Cheers!

Hey Theaccountant, in regards to the interview, you should be interviewed by two people. Both Dr. Lord and Ms. Winner are very professional and welcoming individuals. From my experience, my interview consisted of both clinical and non-clinical scenarios, pharmacological and clinical (especially your field) questions, and other standard interview questions (why did you choose penn, etc). It lasted about 20-30 minutes. Finally, Penn Nursing is a world-renowned research school. If you have any research experience, make sure to flex your research muscle. They will love it.


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Hey GordonIsSoCool, congrats on your acceptance! I look forward to meeting you and starting this May. If I make a class Facebook group would you be interested in joining?

Theaccountant, I had a similar interview experience to GordonIsSoCool with clinical and non-clinical questions. Know the patient population on your unit and be able to speak about pertinent medications, devices, interventions, hemodynamic monitoring, etc. Also be prepared to discuss your interest in nurse anesthesia and your interest in UPenn.


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A couple days ago I was called to schedule an interview! There are no words for how excited/happy I am, but I know you have all felt that same feeling. Are there any tips you would have for an applicant before the interview? I read GordonIsSoCool (which he is) reply, but I was wondering if there were any specific examples of their clinical questions? As much as I am excited I'm twice as nervous. So any advice would be extremely appreciated. Hopefully I'll be seeing you all soon, as you are getting ready to graduate and I am in the position you are in now. That would be a dream come true. Best of luck to all of you as you achieve your dreams these upcoming years.


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Each interview and its questions are very individualized. For example, I worked in a neuro ICU. They asked about managements of intracranial pressure and cerebral perfusion pressure. My clinical scenario was dealing with cerebral herniation.

Here is a piece of advice that was given to me during my interview preparation. Do not try to impress them with your breadth of knowledge. Just focus on what you know. Be humble but confident, be nervous but excited. Have a working knowledge of the drugs you use most often, how they work and why you use them. They won't ask you about things they know you aren't proficient in. But if they do, and you don't know, say that you don't.

The interview is challenging but fair. Just remember, you are interviewing them as well and deciding whether or not Penn is the best fit for you. Good luck.


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I agree, each interview is individualized to your experience and application. I work in a CVICU and hemodynamic monitoring/mechanical devices/vasoactive medications were discussed.

Good luck!

Thank you guys for all that information! I was also planning on checking out the area for potential apartments...do you guys know where I should be looking? Thanks again!


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Hey guys! Just wanted to join the thread. Ill be starting at UPenn in may as well but in the Acute Care NP (AGACNP) program! Im looking at apartments right now, I will likely live in center city. Nursing school/hospital itself is in University city but to me and my fiancé it seemed a little too much like living on an undergrad campus (been there... done that).

Congratulations to all accepted students! Seems like we will be in many classes together before splitting off into NP speciality.


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Hey guys! My name's Derek and I'm going to be starting the DNP-NA program at UPenn this May as well. Looking forward to meeting all of you in a few months! If there was a fb group started already I would definitely join. Congrats everyone!


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Congrats Derek! I look forward to meeting you. I sent you a message regarding the FaceBook group. Send me your email and I will invite you.



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Cool. I just attended an Open House regarding DNP-NA and I was very excited about the Primary Site model. Do you guys happen to know what sites you want?