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Spine_CRNA has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in CCU, MICU, and GMF Liver.

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  1. University of Scranton CRNA 2019

    Did you not read my previous post about this program?
  2. University of Scranton CRNA 2019

    I interviewed there last year. Arrive early if you want to go first because the first person who shows up is the first person interviewed. People from out of Town show up an hour early FYI. I arrived 15 minutes early and was the last person in the ro...
  3. What events does your SNA do?

    Bar crawls, bake sales, group volunteer at community and campus events, invite speakers, finals and midterms meetups, trips to nursing conventions in local cities, self care workshops.
  4. University of Scranton CRNA 2019

    Nice! How did they notify you? Email, snail mail?
  5. Brand New Program: Cedar Crest College Nurse Anesthesia- PA

    How much is the DNP program?
  6. Brand New Program: Cedar Crest College Nurse Anesthesia- PA

    I heard you only accept a cohort of 10 and 2 of those spots are already taken from students who didn't join last year.
  7. Hey all! I accepted a position in the cohort starting part-time in January 2019 and wanted to connect with future classmates. Who else is out there? John
  8. Awesome! Thank you so much! I love that I was able to make you smile!
  9. Hey Everyone! I accepted a spot in the cohort starting in 2019 and figured I'd reach out and see who did the same. I'm a local to the area and have been living in downtown Philadelphia for 5 years. Let's connect!
  10. I'm glad you like it! We have great abilities and it's our duty to bring these abilities to people that would benefit whether it's a new unit, school, or patient. Let's pat ourselves on the back and promote ourselves a little bit! In the example you ...
  11. Thank you AllNurses for being a great medium to share my writing. And to the readers, I love interacting with you, so if you have an opinion let's here it here!
  12. ~"Sleazy car salesman." ~"You can't trust them. They're like used car salesmen: so pushy. And they lie to you, too! ~"Snake oil salesman." ~"It's just so uncomfortable negotiating my salary. I just took whatever they gave me." ~"Well, I didn't want t...
  13. University of Scranton CRNA 2019

    When did you interview? How come you think you didn't get in? How did the interview go for you?
  14. University of Scranton CRNA 2019

    Has anyone interviewed yet? If so, when will you hear back with a decision?
  15. Scranton 2019

    They have been scheduling interviews. Dates up to November 30 and I think December 12 have been thrown out there.