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Greetings fellow 2018 UPenn BSN/MSN applicants! Just thought I could start a thread for the incoming applicants so we can help each other out through the application process.

Does anyone know if we need to submit separate transcripts for study abroad programs if it's already clearly stated on our official undergraduate transcript? Thanks! : )

Also applying! Best of luck to you :) I would submit those study abroad transcripts just to be safe, as the application requests transcripts from "all colleges attended".

You're right, better to just be safe : ) good luck to you as well!

I also applied to Thomas Jefferson's FACT-1 and 's 11 month ACE program! If there are other applicants out there feel free to join the thread!

I do believe you have to send in each transcript individually (even from study abroad!)

Is everyone submitting GRE scores to the ABSN program even though they are not required? My GPA is a bit lower (3.5) but my experience in the health care field is fairly good! I'm hoping to boost my application in any way as UPenn is my top choice!

I'm applying for both BSN and MSN so I'm definitely submitting my GRE scores. You should call their office and ask them what they think!

I did not submit my GRE scores primarily because I already have a MSSW and this program did not require it either.

I'm super excited about more 2018 applicants finding out about this thread. I have read the entire 2016 thread for some insight and hope that this one will begin rolling shortly! Good Luck to everyone!

I submitted my application! Eager for the process to get rolling. I submitted my GRE scores because I'm applying to the BSN/MSN program.

I am applying to the BSN/MSN as well! Penn just does not require for applicants with a Masters in another field to submit and I took the opportunity! I look forward to keeping up with each of our timelines along the way!

Hi everyone!

I applied too, and Penn is my number 1 school! I applied for the PMHNP specialty with a 3.36 undergrad GPA in an unrelated field and GRE scores of 157v, 157q, 5.0w. Those stats themselves aren't particularly strong, but I'm hoping the other parts of my application will be :shy: I guess we'll see!

Best of luck to everyone!

Penn is also my #1 choice! I applied to the BSN/MSN (AGPCNP) program. Other Philly schools I applied to are Thomas Jefferson and . Here are my stats for anyone who is curious:

-Undergrad GPA 3.7

-Prereq GPA 3.8

-GRE scores 154V, 153Q, 4.0W

-Clinical experience 1.5 years at free health clinic and 1.5 years shadowing

-4 years professional work experience

Anyone know when in November interviews are typically offered? Good luck to everyone!!

Hi everyone! Do you guys know what the format of our personal statement is?

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