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Holy kabolios!

What a wild ride THAT was. Took my NCLEX yesterday and want to thank all who wrote with words of encouragement.

Of course, I'm sitting here just knowing the worst and wondering if I should get my results before I take off on vacation. YIKES! I won't share any specifics regarding the exam (that wouldn't be right) but I can say I was asked the minimum and that none of my questions used the new format they're trying out. I felt completely alone while taking it and don't remember a thing. One of my questions had a typo that may have changed the meaning of the question and that threw me (This on the heels of my first question - MATH) I brought it to the attention of the proctor who will inform the proper people of the problem. What else? If I had my choice to go through a whole day of labor or to take the NCLEX ... baby, buy me a box of cigars!


Thanks again everyone. I'll post an update when I get word.

Peace to all...

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Don't panic! I was convinced I failed my NCLEX and promptly burst into tears as soon as I walked out the exam room. All of my group thought they had failed, but as it turned out, we all passed! Don't be down on yourself. Just go out and relax and treat yourself to an ice cream or something. Well done!


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Why can't you share the specifics? It isn't likely that the same questions are always going to be asked. If anything, it may give some of us who haven't yet taken the NCLEX idea of how some of the questions were posed.



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Hi, I agree with the above!! It would be very helpful as I am yet to do it!

Let us know how you get on!!



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pls see below. sorry.


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Originally posted by SmilingBluEyes

I think If I remember correctly, I signed a sort of agreement NOT to share specifics of the exam prior to taking it. Be really careful about doing so, if you do share.


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Exactly, smilingblue.... At the beginning of the exam, you are specifically warned about the implications of divulging information about the exam. I've come this far, I'm not going to jeopardize my career now or ever.

For those who haven't taken the exam, I can tell you that when you practice at home, follow a routine and do that routine exactly every time. Take that routine with you when you go take the test. EAT before you go. Do not nibble. Feed yourself well and wisely. No fried foods or super-heavy stuff. Do not load yourself up with coffee. You will be wired enough. Wear earplugs and ignore everyone else around you. Wear something that is super comfortable and not binding or needs you to pay any attention to. I wore my running gear (long gym-type pants, long-sleeved T with a tank under it) No one cares what you look like. Pay attention to the practice stuff and instructions at the beginning. Do the exercises. Take your time during the test and if you even have the slightest notion you need a break, take it.

Where I was, the room was cool, so dress in layers. Someone here told me to remember to breathe. I admit, I forgot a few times. Give your day an edge and scope out exactly where you need to go. Go there before the test. Go right to the door, know where to park, know how long it takes to get there. On the day of your exam, try not to put yourself in situations that may cause a panic. This sounds silly, but I even went out to check my tires and to make sure my truck started up first thing in the morning. I turned off my phones and just walked around the house listening to my favorite music via walkman.

Above all, I told myself I would do well, that I did all the things I could to make it a good experience. Now, I wait.

I wish you all the best.


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Thanks for the tips!

Completely understand about not divulging info about the exam - didnt think about that to be honest!

Good luck and wish you well.

Sue :)

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Great tips redwinggirlie. One more would be if you are doing the practice questions, if you notice your score going down, take a break. You are burning yourself out. Also, on the day of the test, no more practice, your done. Good luck Sue.



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I wish for you all the power you can have to repell the understandable doubt you have. I can only sit here and feel grace in your space (thread). I was all down because I have to change nursing schools. YOU have already done the hardest part. AND, worst comes to worst, you can take the exam again. I am in panic city because I thought you find out right then and there, and that the test is computerized. If I have to wait when I get to my NCLEX I will have to be put on IV meds for convulsions until they give me the news.

I have spoke with many RN's who tell me about themselves not passing the NCLEX, and having to take it again, months later. I would have never thought these RN's to be anything but very intelligent people. And especially nursing knowledge test that are multiple choice. Those tests can really get you going.

One day I hope the test will be a more physical link to your brain to see if you really understand something based on what exactly is in your brain, and not how well you will respond to written statements.

Best of LUCK and more power to you!

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Good luck!

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