UPDATE: ICD9 Coding changes effective October 1, 2005

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icd9 coding changes from cms medlearn


effective october 1, 2005


effective october 1, 2004

especially noteworthy:

707.00 decubitus ulcer, unspecified site

707.01 decubitus ulcer, elbow

707.02 decubitus ulcer, upper back

707.03 decubitus ulcer, lower back

707.04 decubitus ulcer, hip

707.05 decubitus ulcer, buttock

707.06 decubitus ulcer, ankle

707.07 decubitus ulcer, heel

707.09 decubitus ulcer, other site


from cms: oasis diagnosis reporting



final report of the 3m national oasis integrity project

the 3m national oasis integrity project, sponsored by nahc, the 3m corporation, and fazzi associates, was designed to help clinicians generate more accurate and consistent responses to the extensive list of outcome and assessment information set (oasis)questions.

recommended questions and techniques for oasis m0 items


diagnosis coding for m0230/m0240 and m0245 (effective 10/01/2003)

down load pages 145 to 152 from cms regs found at:



hoolahan, ASN, RN

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:rolleyes: Oy!! When will CMS make up their minds. Everyone is just figuring out the V Code issues from last October. They can make you crazy! You must love this in intake Karen. God Bless you!!

renerian, BSN, RN

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Just digging into the changes now. Just when you get settled time to change ay?

renerian :rotfl:

jnette, ASN, EMT-I

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Sheesh... here we go again. Heh heh. Just when you think you're beginning to actually remember some of them... :chuckle

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