UofT Nursing for an RPN?


I have just recently completed my RPN in Ontario and was eyeing doing my RN at UofT. I already have some university credits from a long time ago but plan on picking up the prerequisites I still need at a continuing education school or at Athabasca. I like that they have a hollistic approach to admission and although they still look at cGPA, the most recent 10 courses count more (I had a bad first year of undergrad LOL). Just wondering if there was anyone else who became an RPN first and followed the same route I'm about to take and applied to UofT nursing? Were you successful/unsuccessful and what were your stats and EC's like? By the time I apply, I would have been working as a nurse for a full year. I will try to do some more volunteering here and there but I suspect that will be hard while working almost full-time hours + almost full time course load for my prerequisites.

I am hoping for some guidance from people of a similar situation in order to make my application as good as possible. Also what is the cut-off age for university courses taken in order for it to apply for my application? Some of my courses will be about 9 years old LOL I tried to look at the nursing admission page but it just said any course from an eligible university is applicable but they recommend redoing any necessary prereqs. I'm assuming my 9 year old courses are still good from that? Thanks in advance!

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Is it a bridging program? You will have to check with the program regarding the 9 year old prerequisites. Usually 5 years is the cut off. Good luck.