University of Toronto - Nurse Practitioner program - Will my GPA stand in my way?

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I recently applied for the Masters of Nursing - Nurse Practitioner (Primary Health Care) program at University of Toronto, and McMaster University and just received news from McMaster that I did not meet the academic requirements. I looked back at my grades and realized that I fell short of what would have been 0.5 of a grade in a single course.

I feel crushed because overall, I felt like I was a very strong applicant with experience in ERs, ICUs, adults/paeds, community health initiatives, research not to mention an active member on my unit.

Now I'm worried that that stupid grade is going to keep me from getting into U of T. U of T did however, give applicants the opportunity to write a letter explaining academic grades if they felt they weren't up to par. In my letter I mentioned my losing a parent and how I overcame my hardships and moved forward.

Does anyone have any experience or feedback? Has anyone gotten into the program with lower grades?

I'm kind of crushed.

Hey I am a new grad from Toronto, interested in pursuing my MN/NP at UofT in the future, I was wondering if you were able to get in? Thanks much!

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