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thoughts on U of T Nursing?


I'm thinking of applying to accelerated BSN programs. U of T is one of the programs I'm considering. I was wondering if anyone wanted to share their personal thoughts on the following? :')

1) quality of clinical placements

2) quality of job preparation

3) competitiveness when applying to jobs after school (would a Toronto grad be more employable than a Humber grad for example)

Thanks <3. I'm debating between U of T and Humber/UNB. I'd like to do my NP degree later on.


Has 4 years experience.

Go for it. I wish I could get into UofT, best placements and education

I’m planning to apply as well. I’m an international student. Good luck to you!! 🙂 what I’m wondering is the interview process. Is it still canceled or taken online? 🤔 

firlom44, LPN

Has 5 years experience.

Never let the school you studied at define you. Every individual is different. I have met and worked with nurses who graduated from UofT and let's just say that SOME of them are way more "book smart" than "street smart".