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My husband isn't very supportive and he's driving me crazy!!! I was just trying to go over a couple of chapters for my Nutrition class before taking a short quiz (I"m taking this class onlineover the summer) and instead of hitting the link for a dummy quiz I accidentally hit the link for the actual quiz. It had a 10 minute timer and I wasn't prepared and my husband was talking to me and I had to ask him for a minute (or ten) because I had accidentally hit the quiz link. He's all PO'd now and I did crappy on the test because I wasn't ready and I was all flustered because my husband was going around slamming doors. Uggg. Anybody else having to deal with this? It sucks.

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Maybe he'll calm down. Men experience some strange feelings when "their" women do things to improve themselves. My boyfriend is incredibly proud of me, tells EVERYONE about me and my accomplishments. I called him when I passed the HESI exam, but had left the ringer off on my phone. So when he tried to call me back I was calling my mom and accidentally hung up on him. When I got home I expected him to be as excited as me, but he started asking me about my phone, when I had turned the ringer back on, etc. It was strange. Very unlike him. But he relaxed after I explained everything. I realized later that his ex-wife started seeing other men after she started working, and he was afraid he was losing me.

I wouldn't accept the slamming doors, yelling and stomping around, though. That's just too childish. And unnecessary. I hope that's not the way he usually deals with problems.

take care and good luck!

i just wanted to encourage anyone for finish school. in spite of your spouse. that may seem harsh but

let me explain why. i was going to school when my husband and i met. i was also working for my dad

who was a doctor. we talked about me completing school he seemed very supportive. it was an act.

after we got married suddenly he wanted to take drives out in the country--he was looking for property.

he talked me into buying property-an investment. he never mentioned any of this before marriage. i got

half way through school. i was in my thirties and had suffered with endometriosis for many years. they told

me if i did not get pregnant now i would never beable to. i did and still went to school and worked as long

as i could. but then i discovered my husband would not help me all he had to do was wait 2 years for me

to finish school and share responsibility for our daughter. he wanted to build a house. he was a carpenter.

but he needed my income plus my dad to achieve this. i was a single parent. i raised out daughter alonn.

he played and enjoyed himself. i cotinued to work for my dad till he died. then my husband talked me

into buying more land--he wanted to be a hobbie farmer. all his time and money went into hobbies and himself.

except the housing industry bombed!!! he could not pay for what he manipulated for. now we were in

trouble. he has been working now in alaska for almost 5 years. i refuse to move there. i have developed ms.

i am mild and i believe with a degree i still could work as a nurse. now i would have to start all over and now

i am 55. my husband told me i was selfish and did not know how to compromsie while i went to school.

he told me that i was born with a silver spoon in my mouth and that we had nothing in common because i

did not like to hunt or farm. done of which he mentioned before marriage. we are now 1 year away from our

house being paid off except this job he has is coming to end. he now what me to go to work full time.

problem now i have been out of work twelve years at his request. he wants me to get a job with health ins!!!

funny huh??? you see now i have no degree and even though i worked in a doctor's office --which i was trained

by a nurse and him for twenty years. i have no certificated or any papers. so now getting a job which will

pay anything is more difficult. i feel stupid letting my husband con me into all this. i consider him an idiot !!!!

so what will i do i do not know yet i am limited because of my ms. i would have loved to teach. i have

homeschooled my daughter who is now in college going for an ultra sound tech. she is doing well in school.

so do not quite. men are like little boys and only know how to gratify themselves. to be a nurse is a fininacal

future. security!!! there are many doors and windows for nurses so to give it up for a little boy is foolish.

my husband says he would like me to work now and him sit at home well he should have thought about that

20 years ago!!!! foolishness!!! besides marriage is a partnership and shared responsibility not the woman

caring the full load. unfortunaly they do not give degrees for being a housewife without education who can

only make mininium wage which barely pays for gas.

so don't give up!! i am thinking of becoming a dialysis tech. even though it is not high paying but at least it will

pay medical ins.

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It is very important to have the support of your spouse. I think for women trying to get an education while married with children it can be hard but is absolutely necessary. Women need to be able to take care of themselves and their children financially. As perfect as some marriages are, sometimes they end. I can't tell you ladies how many women who think they have the perfect marriage and life staying home with the children while the wonderful husband supports the family financially wake up one morning to find Mr. Wonderful has been cheating for years. I know, not my husband, unfortunately it is rampant at epidemic proportions. Ladies- you do not want to wake up one day feeling trapped in a relationship with a cheating bastard because you have no way to support yourself and your children. Or heaven forbid, something happen to him and you're left with nothing. Get educated whether he supports you or not. Your marriage may be good now but it might not be in 5 years. You want to be able to support your family. To be a strong, independent woman!

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