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Hello everyone! Just wanted to start this thread for anyone planning on attending UTA's nursing program in the Spring of 2013..... I am working on the last of my pre-reqs right now at TCC, but I... Read More

  1. by   MEGREEN
    I am partnered with THR.I work at HMFW
  2. by   MEGREEN
    Well guys looks like I will be joining yalsl thread for good now! I got wait-listed... Is anyone partnered with THR?
  3. by   anaw
    Hi megreen,Are you on the waiting list of the AP program or traditional?Do you know How many they accept from THR?
  4. by   nikkib376
    I'm joining this club now too! I got waitlisted as well, and am partnered at THR. Just like MEGREEN, I am curious if anyone else is partnered with THR??
  5. by   nikkib376
    @anaw, both megreen and myself applied for the AP program and are both partnered but waitlisted. We have no clue how many they are accepting from THR this term but it doesn't sound like many. We didn't have that many applicants to begin with, and I have yet to hear of anyone at THR getting accepted. It's so strange!

    Are you applying for traditional or AP? Are you partnered?
  6. by   anaw
    I am partnered with Baylor, this is my first time and I am applying for both ap and traditional programs.
    I heard that are about 20 sits reserved for Baylor, but I have no idea how many applicants . I have a 3.75 gpa in sciences and 3.86 gpa general classes. I took my Hesi on march 31st and passed. Uta also asked me to take the TOEFL test because English is my second language. Are you guys applying for other schools as a back up plan?
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  7. by   DFWnurse2be
    Just joining from the UTA AP BSN Fall 2012 board...I was wait listed too. Anyone partnered with Parkland? I still have 3 classes in progress (completed by May 8th) and 3 more (Patho, Pharm, and Amer. Lit) to complete by August...wondering if I just had too many outstanding classes for them to make a decision?? I hated waiting....and now it's time for more waiting!!
  8. by   svh040789
    @mphillips - I think as long as you have all the classes done by the deadline, you should be okay. If they didn't think you could do it they wouldn't have waitlisted you they would've just rejected you. Just my opinion! Good luck!
  9. by   nikkib376
    They accept and waitlist regardless of current classes. The students that get accepted just don't get to start if they don't complete the courses in time or fail them. It seems like all the AP applicants have been waitlisted. So bizarre!!! I think I've seen maybe 2 say they're accepted but they're not from my hospital.
  10. by   GradNurse14
    joining in with you guys too! waitlisted for the campus program for fall 2012...i emailed my advisor about it and this is what she has to say about being waitlisted...

    [font=times new roman,serif][font=calibri,sans-serif]i know it’s frustrating to be on the waitlist as you’re
    trying to make these important decisions. it depends on how many accepted
    students accept the offer of admission. they will be letting us know by early
    may, so that is when students will start to be called up from the waitlist.

    so for everyone applying for spring 2013, i can truly say that uta looks at the considerations very seriously and i think makes the decisions primarily on that. good luck to everyone! if i don't see you in the fall, hope to see you in spring!
  11. by   lnm1222
    hey everyone!! i am copying some things that i asked in the fall 2012 group to see if you all have any input

    7:08 pm by lnm1222
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    ok so a few questions!

    does anyone actually know how the waitlist works? it seems like there are a lot of people on the wait list and surely they can't expect all of us to have a shot at getting called. it also seems to me (and i may be completely wrong!) that pretty much everyone who was partnered and not accepted was put on the waitlist. does the wait list depend on where we are partnered? meaning if someone who works at baylor for example doesn't accept, does the next person in line from baylor (on the waitlist) get the spot or would it go to the next person on the waitlist regardless of where or if they are partnered?

    do yall have any idea how many people are on the waitlist? or about how many get called each semester?

    also, when is orientation? i'm only asking since they said after orientation we won't be called off the waitlist.

    my advisor today told me that she has not been told a "set date on when wait list offers will go out or end". are some people waitlisted because they haven't completed their pre-recs?

    sorry for allllll of the questions! just some thoughts!

    hope you are all having a great day!
    8:07 pm by lnm1222
    8:07 pm by lnm1222 a member since apr '12. posts: 8 likes: 2

    wow! thank you so much for everyone's responses! i'm trying to understand all of this! on our letters we received with the email, i noticed that some hospitals are grouped together (like jps/cook childrens or parkland/dallas childrens), does this mean that if you are partnered with one of these hospitals you are "competing" with applicants from both? like will they take 10 overall from parkland/dallas childrens or is it 5 from one and 5 from the other?

    thank you all so much!
  12. by   svh040789
    @rubyredd83 - That does not make me feel good @ all! I have no considerations! :uhoh21:
  13. by   anaw
    As far as I know, if you are partnered with Baylor, means that you are competing with ALL Baylor Health Care System employess.