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Hello everyone! Just wanted to start this thread for anyone planning on attending UTA's nursing program in the Spring of 2013..... I am working on the last of my pre-reqs right now at TCC, but I... Read More

  1. by   nici0513
    regarding financial aid: they only reward you for 2 semesters. If you wanted aid for this summer, you would have had to fill out the FASFA for 2011-2012. The fall semester starts the new financial aid year for the 2012-2013. I applied for financial aid in March and already got my award notice on UTA's email. That's the only way they notify you of your award, so make sure you check your UTA e-mail. As far as summer classes, since I used all my financial aid on this spring and last fall and still have to take one class this summer (chem 1411), I'm taking it on-line through Dallas county tele-college. There classes are only about $150 each.
  2. by   Camille2013
    nicio513, Thanks for the heads up on that! I am about that far away too. I would be so mad if I wouldn't be able to get an appointment. Did you find the advisor to be very helpful?
  3. by   Camille2013
    anaw, I am going traditional or trying too.
  4. by   MEGREEN
    Thank for the inof Nici. I was told today that I could split my loans betweeen the 3 semesters and get part of my loan money for the summer... I hope that is correct! If not I need to figure out how I am going to come up with $1600!

    Oh I am Codi BTW. I have already applied for fall of 2012 partnered with thr but am hanging out on this thread too just in case! I figure I might as well start chit chating with yall too!
  5. by   nici0513
    Yes, she was very helpful and understanding. She gave me a degree plan evaluation with all my grades transferred from my other school. I was disappointed to find out that the intro. chem (1405) I'm in now will not count so I have to take chem 1411 this summer because its a pre-req to take patho, pharm, and intro to prof. nursing but on the other hand, they DID accept my pharm that I took at LoneStar with no problem! She said that she will even force enroll me into Patho and Intro. to Prof. Nurs. for Fall, if I email her when I'm registering in order to register early. Otherwise, I would have to wait until I finished Chem 1411 in the summer to enroll for fall and those classes would likely be filled by then.
  6. by   nici0513
    Your welcome Codi! My name is Nicole. That's great that they can do that with your financial aid. I guess it just depends on if you have any funds left available since they give you a max for the year. I just started back to school last May and have had a FULL course load in order to get all my pre-reqs to apply for the BSN programs. Good luck with the Fall 2012 acceptance also! I applied to UT-Houston HSC for Fall 2012 and we are supposed to know our status anytime now but I've decided to move to Fort Worth by my family so I will give my seat up if I get accepted. But I still want to know, the waiting and anticipating is enough to drive you CRAZY!
  7. by   MEGREEN
    I agree! I do not understand why it takes them 5 months to let us know if we got in or not. Most schools know in 2 months MAX! That sucks about chem. Hopefully it will make the bio and organic chem easier over the summer...I am taking Patho over the summer and I will be doenw ith all my prereqs! I went crazy the past 2 semesters and took like 13 classe so I could apply! It was INSANE! Even if you don't take the seat in Houston it will still be great to hear that they wanted you! Good luck!
  8. by   nici0513
    I'm really bummed right now! My advisor told me to e-mail her when I was going to register for my Patho. and Intro to Prof. Nurs class for the Fall semester and she would force enroll me since I'm in the wrong Chem class now, and have to take general Chem in the summer. She now tells me that due to a new policy, she can't enroll me until they have the grade in after Summer I. I'm now afraid that those classes will fill up by then! What is one to do?? Just hope & pray, I guess! Does anyone else know how fast those classes fill up?
  9. by   MEGREEN
    Nici I would nto worry about the classes filling up. I registered the day before both started and there was still like 60 seats left in both.
  10. by   anaw
    Hi nici, I will take patho and pharma during the falll and I also asked my advisor about the class fill up fast and she said to not worry, the class does not fill up that fast! So we are in the same boat friend 
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  11. by   anaw
    Anyone partner with any hospital? I am partnered with Baylor.
  12. by   nici0513
    Thank you Codi and anaw! I was really stressing over this. I have to pay for the class out of pocket for the summer and would hate to put the time and money into a class that I only needed for UTA and then have the classes filled for Fall and not be able to apply for the Spring semester! That made my day! :kiss

    Anaw, I'm not partnered, I'm applying for the traditional BSN program. Good thing you are though, I hear it's really hard to get into the AP program without being partnered. What Baylor hospital do you work for? I had my son at Baylor Grapevine and it was such a good experience!
  13. by   anaw
    Hi nici, I work at Baylor grapevine! I am a tech in the day surgery dept.