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Hey y'all! I'm about to start taking my prereqs this summer to meet the Jan 5, 2010 app deadline for the University of Texas at Arlington Second Degree Fast Track Program. Anyone around... Read More

  1. by   goopsy
    No, it's not negotiable at all. I had gen chem with a B in it, and intro with an A in it. I was hoping they would take the intro grade, but they took the gen chem even when I asked them to take the intro. Honestly gen chem is just like intro. I did not see the difference!
  2. by   NoctuNurseTXasap
    Oh jeez that is a huge bummer! Thanks for the heads up. Did you take general just for UTA? What's odd is the other UTs don't care which you take. :-/
  3. by   goopsy
    yah, I don't know about the other UT's. Strange. No, I didn't take gen chem just for UTA. I had taken it for my first degree since I had a minor in chemistry. They wouldn't even take my higher level chemistry courses that I had an A in, like organic chemistry, which is way harder. It had to be gen chem. I had taken intro to chem for TWU last december, so my GPA would be higher; they take intro.
  4. by   NoctuNurseTXasap
    Oh well, you're in! And will be a nurse in about 16 months! I'm so jealous! I'll take general if I have to. So everything but clinicals is online right? How often will you be going to the hospital for clinicals each week?
  5. by   goopsy
    yes, everything is online. thanks for the congrats, but I have actually chosen to decline my spot and do the regular 2 year program. I am tired of taking classes online (I took some pre-reqs online) and lost motivation. I know that classes in person will be better for me.
  6. by   NoctuNurseTXasap
    Oh, I see, and I understand ... online classes can get old.
  7. by   NoctuNurseTXasap
    You were right. He said "Yes, the chemistry requirement is firm. We will not accept an introduction to chemistry as that class is designed for non-science majors."
    Bad, bad news.
  8. by   goopsy
    I'm sorry! But atleast you have the foundation know. The class is almost the same. But sorry you have to pay for another class!
  9. by   NoctuNurseTXasap
    Thx Goopsy ... hope so ... it's just one of those things.
  10. by   shasta12
    Hey Everyone.. I know I started this thread last year when the program barely existed, but just wanted to update.

    I am finished with my prereqs, I made the Jan 5th deadline for application to the 15 month UTA Academic Partnership program. For those who don't know. It's no longer a second degree program. Anyone who has the prereqs is eligible. And they now have start dates of Summer, Fall and Spring. All classes are online, except for clinicals. Each hospital has a certain number of seats reserved which their employess compete for. Everyone else (those without a hospital partnership) competes for the remaining seats. If you need more info about the UTA AP program, goto UTA.EDU/NURSING and click on the Academic Partnership box.

    I hope I am accepted for this coming summer session! Goodluck everyone!!! Keep me posted on your progress.
  11. by   nvsmom

    I am interested in this program and would like to know more about it such as your experiences so far for the people that are in it..

  12. by   goopsy
    I ended up doing the regular program, but I have heard through various people and professors that a lot of the students were failing foundations for nursing and that they were not quite sure how they were going to help those students. They were not failing because the course was bad, but rather because they were working full time and thinking they could get away with doing the work half way and studing half way. What you put into the program is what you get back from it.
  13. by   shasta12
    I made it into the program and don't regret a thing. I worked full time until about the 8th week and nearly had a breakdown. I did flunk one test because I had been up for 30 hours after working a night shift, but I immediately went to part time after that. So far, A's in all my classes except one C that will probably come up to a B. I don't know how it compares to the traditional program, but the accelerated program is VERY fast paced. Honestly, don't even THINK of working full-time. They really mean it when they say you can't do both.

    As far as my experiences, it is AMAZING! I love what we are doing. But it's hard work!

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