UT Arlington Academic Partnership BSN Program

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just found out about this program and had an advisor call me today (which was really impressive) and tell me about it. According to her, as long as you meet the requirements to enter the program, you're in and there is no limit on spots. This sounds funny to me because I've never heard about a nursing program who didn't have limits or an average gpa and hesi score. Maybe because it's a fast track online program. Has anybody gone through it and can tell me more about it? Like the amount of people who actually get in and perhaps the gap and hesi scores?

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  3. by   Bortaz, RN
    My hospital also has a Partnership with this program, and I talked to an adviser today. I'm just in the beginning stages of thinking about going back to school for my BSN, and was happy to hear that they start a new "group" approx. every 6 weeks throughout the year. Also, you can take any pre-reqs that you need at the same time as taking nursing courses, with the exception of Composition 1&2, if you haven't already taken those.

    The dude told me it can take up to 2 months to get accepted, vetted, and enrolled, so you'll want to consider that if you're interested in joining a class soon. Also, he said you can go ahead and apply now, get all the paperwork (apps, transcripts, etc) on file regardless of whether you're wanting to start immediately, or want to start later. He told me they get more than 1600 applicants per "class".

    Finally, you never have to step foot on campus, unless you want to participate in the graduation ceremony...which is great for me, since I live 11 hours away from Arlington. Oh, and...my employer will pay for it.
  4. by   tflemon
    Do you know what hospitals are apart of the Academic Partnership in Houston. This program looks very promising, the clinicals are done in the evening and weekends at partnership hospitals something I've never heard of.
  5. by   Bortaz, RN
    My understanding is that there are no clinicals in this program.
  6. by   FFMedic
    My understanding is there is definitely clinicals, but they are done in the partnership hospitals. I will be calling them soon to figure out where those are, and how the clinicals are scheduled.
  7. by   tmaroney
    You do have to be accepted to this program. The number of spots varies though. It is mostly dependent on your GPA, community service and whether you already work at a hospital which are listed on the application. You have to finish ALL pre req courses before entering the program. I am waiting for my letter to find out if I made it into the program for the fall. There are 3 application deadlines a year, one for summer, fall and spring.
  8. by   Bortaz, RN
    Well, the guy from UTA told me and my co-workers that you don't have to finish the pre-reqs beforehand.

    I got this in an email from Director of Enrollment Services (plus it was told to me on the phone as well):
    This is a courtesy notice to let you know that this Monday, July 12, 2010 is the last day to apply to UT Arlington’s RN/BSN program for the August 16th start date.

    As a brief recap, the RN/BSN courses can be taken 100% online and can be completed in as little as 13 months. You can also start regardless of prerequisites and your past prerequisites do not expire!

    If you are interested in starting on your RN/BSN this fall, please follow the steps below immediately to get your application in and order your transcripts.
    I have a co-worker who just started in the most reason new group. She is taking Comp II along with a couple of her nursing classes.
  9. by   Bortaz, RN
    [font=tahoma, verdana, arial][font=tahoma, verdana, arial]dear bortaz, rn,

    thank you for expressing your interest in pursuing your rn to bsn degree through university of texas at arlington college of nursing academic partnerships program. i encourage you to learn why ut arlington academic partnerships is the number one choice to pursue your rn to bsn through our online degree plan.
    please view our online information sessions (copy and paste into your browser):
    the university of texas at arlington college of nursing has streamlined its online rn to bsn degree program to include all the courses you need to graduate with your bsn (including prerequisites).
    • all courses, including prerequisites, will be delivered in a 5- to 6-week format through our media-rich online learning system.
    • this format provides you the most convenient and cost-efficient pathway to obtain your bsn.
    • this program is offered exclusively through university of texas at arlington’s academic partnership with your health care employer.
    ut arlington academic partnerships offers frequent start dates for your convenience to begin. you can enroll immediately. i am here to serve you and i look forward to building a relationship that will have a tremendous impact on your education and career. please contact an enrollment specialist at 1-866-489-2810. we look forward to having you as a student.
    yours in healthcare,
  10. by   tmaroney
    I think I may have misunderstood. There is an RN to BSN program and then there is a program for those who are just breaking into the nursing field. I'm not sure of the requirements for the first program but it is REQUIRED that you finish all prereqs for the Academic Partnership BSN program at UTA. Again this is the program for students that do not already have their RN. Although the classes do not have to be finished when you apply just when you enroll. They have a great website with a lot of information at University of Texas at Arlington Academic Partnerships.
  11. by   AnonEmus
    There is lot of misunderstanding manifested in these posts. I'm currently enrolled in the Academic Partnership. I'll clear things up.

    There are two different programs:

    1. RN to BSN for people who already have an RN. If you have about 90 semester hours of the right coursework (you are given about 30 hours for your RN), you take 30 or so hours online to finally get your BSN. I am not discussing this further in this post. There are no clinicals. Get the facts here.

    2. BSN for people who are not RNs. There are clinicals just like any other BSN program.

    The BSN program essentially has a three step process:

    1. Get admitted as a general student to the University of Texas at Arlington. Submit the Texas common application and all of your transcripts.

    2. Get admitted to the nursing program as an Academic Partnership prenursing student. This can be done at the same time as the first step, but it is a separate, distinct step. You are NOT a nursing student when you are admitted at this point.

    3. Get admitted as an actual nursing student. You'll take all of the HESI sections except the science tests.

    Once you are accepted as an official prenursing student, only then can you register for online prenursing courses. They offer every prerequisite course online and they start frequently, although not all courses start as frequently as others. Courses vary in length with most being 5 weeks long. Others are longer. Get the facts here.

    Once you've completed both anatomy and physiology classes (which have their own prerequisites), you are allowed to take what are called prenursing courses. The three prenursing courses are:

    1. intro to nursing
    2. pathophysiology
    3. pharmacology

    Can you take patho and pharm right after completing the A&P courses? No. You have to complete intro to nursing first. That's what I'm taking now. I've registered for patho and pharm.

    I've applied for admission as a nursing student starting in January. My admission will be contigent on successful completion of all prerequisite and all prenursing courses.

    Once you are admitted to the nursing program, didactic (lecture) coursework is online. You will attend clinicals somewhere in the state of Texas. I don't yet know which hospitals in Houston are used. You are not guaranteed night or weekend clinicals. This is an accelerated program. If you think you can work full-time and be in this program, you are naive. It is not possible.

    Enrolling at UTA as a prenursing student makes a lot of sense even if you enroll in nursing school somewhere else. UTA online can't be beat for convenience and availability. Costs are reasonable, actually lower than Lone Star College (I'm out of district for Lone Star) for prerequisites.

    The three prenursing courses are not as transferrable as the prerequisites are. TAMU Corpus Christi will accept UTA prenursing courses (but they won't accept pharm from a community college). UTEP might not because one of their corresponding courses is 4 semester hours instead of 3 semester hours. I haven't gotten Lone Star to commit to accepting pharm from UTA.
  12. by   Esco0101
    In Houston, I know that Ben Taub and MD Anderson are partners because I work at both...
  13. by   N2NRSING
    I keep reading that clinicals will be somewhere in texas, I live in dfw and am interested in this program but do not want to do clinicals outside of the dfw area. Would I be forced to go to Houston or something like that for clinicals when I live near the school and so many local hospitals are in partnership in this area? thanks!
  14. by   AnonEmus
    The intent of the program is to hve you do clinicals locally.

    It's probably the most convenenient program there is for taking prerequisites. You can take prerequisites from them and go to nursing school somewhere else.