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  1. For those of you that have already taken a nursing elective such as Co-op, med term, legacy of family, which one do you all recommend taking and why. I am going to take one in the upcoming Nov class.
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  3. by   Lj63
    Hey would think med terminology would be a breeze, right just by the name of the class, especially if you have been in nursing for years, haha that class was horrible..... there was only 4 exams, which if you mess up on any of them that can drop your GPA, they are timed and I went literally down to the last second to finish them, it's basically dissecting words, what's the prefix, root, comb, suffix, etc..... then defining what each of those mean, you may think that's easy but it's not. Wasn't for me anyways, I was going to take co-op starting date of 9/25, but dropped it, instead will attempt to pass certification test for last elective. I have heard legacy is time consuming, so if given the choice between those 3, I would do the co-op !!! Good luck to you
  4. by   Julius Seizure
    What is co-op? What do you learn in legacy of family? I've never heard of these - my school didn't even have electives for nursing.
  5. by   Lj63
    these are choices for the upper level nursing electives through UTA RN-BSN online program. Co-op is cooperative nursing work which involves your employer. I did not take Legacy so I do not really know what you would learn, just heard that it was time consuming, writing more papers I would guess.
  6. by   Yunikat
    I took Women's Health with Dr. Crow. It was pretty fun class and the class is pretty easy going. This class has a lot of discussions but I love that class cause I got to learn diseases what women can get (yes, I am a woman, so it was much interesting) and it was a class that I can get away a little bit from all stressful classes and balance my life a little better like Pharmacology and Pathophysiology.
  7. by   tay777
    Hi! I'm in my last week of medical terminology. I recommend it because you actually learn a lot of useful information no matter what field of nursing you are practicing in. It's less busy work than the other classes. There are no discussion posts. As long as you take the tests during the assigned period, everything else you can do at your own pace which are just activities to get you ready for the tests. 92% of your grade is testing. 8% are the activities that are basically just practice questions you take online that helps to boost your grade because you just have to complete them. I take legacy at the end of the semester, haven't heard much. Good luck!
  8. by   tay777
    Lj63- LOL I thought it would be a breeze as well. But I still liked it because I learned some stuff compared to some of our other classes. So it didn't feel like I was wasting time doing busy work or discussing articles. Definitely hated the whole suffix prefix dissecting the word thing. I still don't understand the splitting the words up with hyphens thing...I got them all wrong. Thank god those weren't on our tests or I wouldn't have passed. I just started management and research and I can't believe how much work. 4 assignments in module 1. Seriously. And why are assignments not due on Sunday instead of Saturday. That makes no sense to me. Like at least give us the weekend.
  9. by   Lj63
    Hey tay, Research is the worst class ever !! uggghhh Management not so bad... and as far as those hyphen things they WAS on my test !!! that's why I really didn't like it. I have been in nursing since 92 and I thought med terminology, yeah be easy no prob, haha wrong..... and not sure regarding due dates on Saturday but that is how all the classes are set up with the discussions due on Wednesday. I work every other weekend so Saturday due dates on my work weekend really hurt, not to mention I work 2-10pm. I truly only like capstone except have to take another nursing elective, geezz I don't think that is right since I took med term, why can't I take art or something fun ? lol anyway guess I will go ahead take Co-op to finish elective up but won't be able to do capstone till January, regardless.
  10. by   tay777
    I'm hating research and management and regretting taking both of them at the same time! UGH! I'm taking capstone in January too! I have legacy after this term and then capstone plus vulnerable pops in January and then I'm done. But getting through this term is a struggle. Good luck to you!I didn't realize there was a test we could take to get out of an elective. Maybe I should drop legacy and do co-op. But I don't work at a hospital...I'm a clinical trainer so I travel weekly for work and most of my job is independent so I'm not sure if that could work. I will check it out.
  11. by   Lj63
    I wanted to be done end of this year, but I was non-effective in getting my certification (missed the passing grade by apparently 3 stinking points) and now cannot graduate in December. uggghhh. I had to email advising team about my grad charge fees they are telling me is now due. I asked could I be dropped from the graduate thing until spring. haha. I was told there was a way I could still finish by end of year if I took Co-op with Capstone !! Hello, I almost jumped in with both feet for that, but then got to thinking about my other obligations in life and there is really no way can I do that. Are you going to take something concurrently with your capstone?? I will hopeful join you in January for Co-op and then Capstone. Still may retake certification test, but have to wait 60 days and pay fee again, but my mind is very old and I just want to be done, no I am on the fence.

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