1. Hello all,
    Finished signing up for RN-BSN online classes that will be starting 10/22/12. Lucky me has to take History of the US 1312. I looked at the recommended book list, and it was extensive. Has any one taken this class? If so, what book would you recommend. Hate buying a ton of books that I will never use. Learned that lesson in Nursing school the first time. Thanks!
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  3. by   vle4
    I have been renting books throughout the whole program. You can rent books on
  4. by   occrn21
    Wow! Never knew that website existed. When signing up for classes, the university makes it sound like the books are only available at their bookstore. In the past I always went to the local bookstores near campus to get books. Unfortuantely my Algebra book is only offered by UTA, but I will defintely rent the rest of the way. Taking online classes at a university several states away is a new thing for me.Thank you for the quick response.
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  5. by   dcom
    If i am correct I think you can buy the course material through blackboard instead of the actual books and it coves both histor courses and I believe the cost is only 80 something dollars, I will try to find the link where I read this and post it here
  6. by   dcom
  7. by   occrn21
    It appears that there are a few options, in history books. Unfortunately the link for the History 1312 class syllabus is not available yet. Can't imagine that required materials would be much different between instructors. Thanks for the link dcom!
  8. by   Meriwhen
    I'm rolling into 1312 that day too. The books that were required for the class were sent out in an e-mail this last week. This is what it said:

    1. Pearson MyHistoryLab Custom UTA Module: ONLY get this through Blackboard so it has all the MHL permissions. They used to tell students that they could also buy it through the UTA bookstore too, but now they're saying if you do that it won't have all the correct MHL permissions and you'd have to re-purchase access. As I will have to do thanks to UTA's mistake

    2. Created Equal, Brief 3rd edition, Vol 2: this is included as an e-book through the Pearson module so you should not have to buy it. If you are like me and can't work with e-books, rent a copy from somewhere. I rented mine from Amazon.

    3. Broesamle and Arthur, Clashes of Will: can purchase as an e-book from Pearson in Blackboard, or buy/rent a hard copy somewhere.

    If you took 1311 within the last year, then you should still have access to 1 and 2, and all you'd need is 3.
  9. by   9livesRN
    I hate books, I read the notes and researched the subjects online... I could not afford the books, I passed with a B without the books, but with hard work! You can find the books used on eBay and amazon I bought only the online version and my history lab access