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I applied for the University of Texas at Arlington Accelerated Online BSN Program for the the Spring 2011 Entry and as a Texas Health Resource as my partnered hospital. I was wondering if anyone out there was accepted into the same program with the same partnered hospital could share any helpful tips or any information at all would be helpful. What was your GPA prior to the acceptance and when did u receive the acceptance letter? Also, if you knew how many spots were saved for the Texas Heath Resource for the BSN program? I am anxiously waiting for my letter to determine whether I've been admitted into the program or not. Please share any knowledge about the program. THank you!


I have not applied to the program but was trying to find out more info about it. I was curious how you can complete your clinical hours?

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I checked into this program and they gave me a call. They partner with teaching hospitals in your area, but the areas are limited. The drawback is that your clinical instructors are not necessarily in sync with what you are learning from the university, and there is no dummy to practice on and no instructor to guide you before you get to clinicals. You have to figure out a lot on your own. I don't know how you would get through your clinicals like this. My mom is an RN and cautioned me about trying to do it this way and it makes sense.

Before you can get accepted into the program, you finish their prereqs, of which 2 are slightly different than most schools: World Literature and Technical Writing. Then you complete 3 more prereqs in a specific order, one including an Intro to Nursing course and the others being Pharmacology and Pathophysiology. Then you apply to the nursing school. They start 8 sessions per year.

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