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Was wondering if anyone is applying to USF's CRNA DNP program starting in May 2019. I noticed there was not a thread for this yet. I figured I would create one. I am planning on applying in the next month just need to take my GRE, and finish my application process.

USF is a school I am also considering. I read in a different thread that someone stated that they've already received an acceptance letter. If I'm not mistaken... USF has rolling admissions?

hey all!!! I am accepted to the last MSN program for USF and we start August 2018! I think that person was talking about the august 2018 admission. Let me know if yall have any questions!

My stats were:

3.55 cum GPA 3.41 nursing. 297 on the GRE ( I forget the math and verbal) 4 on writing I think lol

3 years MICU experience in a level one trauma facility


let me know any more questions I can help you with!

now that I think about it I think my GRE was 299? anyways lol, yeaaa... the GRE was not my strong point at all but I got in so im so happy to never take that again lol

I plan on applying, I applied late in February and had an interview but did not get accepted :( I plan on reapplying though :) I have a 3.4 overall GPA 303 on GRE 4 in writing, CCRN, PALs. 4 years ICU exp. Good luck to everyone!

Hi walkerrn2015, BSN, RN! I'm planning to apply to USF this year and I know for their applications they prefer LOC to come from a CRNA/MDA, nursing supervisor and nursing professor. I was wondering who your recommenders were? I was wondering if they would consider me if my LOC I have a intensivist MD, Director of critical care and colleague/coworker?

hey there!!! I had my letters from my charge nurse (counted as a supervisor), an old nursing school professor who taught my critical care class for nursing school( that was my academic one), and a CRNA that I shadowed in the OR for 36 hours!!! :) hope that helps!!! I am not sure how strict they are on the letters, I would call and see! But those were mine! :)

What USF does is they look at your application and then invite you for an interview, and when you get there, they have you talk about yourself and things of that nature! They told me something along the lines of, we invited you for an interview and didn't look at your app again and we want to hear from you how you are and things like that! Interview at this school is KEY! so really shine for an interview!!! be confident, and ask questions, and make it known that you are ready for the challenge. we have orientation next week and I am SO EXICTED! Ill tune yall in later in the semester and let yall know how hard it is hahaha. best of luck during the app process!

Ok thanks for the info! Congrats to you!! How exciting, cant wait to hear all about it. Keep us updated :)

of course! feel free to PM me too! I would love to help with what ever I can! I know how it feels to be in yalls position.

Anyone else get an email for an interview on August 27th?

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